Could it be cancer? Sore small lump on collarbone and in side of right breast

didnt know what to do, my fiancé thinks I’m being pessimistic by thinking it might be cancer
i found a small painful lump in the left hand side of my right breast and went to the doctors today, they didn’t think it was anything to worry about because I’m 28 but because my mum had breast cancer they are referring me to the hospital.

this evening I felt a soreness in try chest sort of on my collarbone and I can feel a similar small lump there

i can’t help thinking the worst :frowning:


Leanne sweetie you must push harder with your GP on this. Maybe it is nothing but it is not unheard of at your age to get breast cancer and you cannot afford to risk waiting in case it is. Don’t take our word for this - call the helpline here on.The details are on Search Results | Breast Cancer Now and ask them what you should do.


Hi Dawn
I have an appointment next Friday at the hospital. I was told they would get me one within a few weeks, and that is within 10 days so should I be pushing any more with GP/Hospital?? From what I have read on here they are obliged to get you an appointment within 2 weeks even if urgent so they have complied with that?
The waiting is horrible though!


Hi Leanne,
You’re right, the waiting is the worst. It’s good you’ve got a quick appointment - this is normal. I can’t help feeling that Dawn didn’t read every line of your post and just saw that they didn’t think it was anything to worry about. You’re right to get it checked. I hope it’s nothing though.

Thank Zeppa

I hope its nothing too. When I am in the car, driving for work, and I have nothing to keep my mind busy, it starts drifting to the worst case scenarios like terminal cancer!! I don’t know why I am thinking this way. I need to snap out of it.

My fiancé won’t talk about it, he thinks I’m being pessimistic for no reason. He isn’t even coming to the appointment with me because his work is really difficult to get out of and he thinks i will be in and out, but I think it could take hours so my best friend is coming. I’ve been given no information in what is involved with the appointment. x

Hi Leanne

I’m really sorry that your partner isn’t being supportive but glad that your best friend is going to the appt with you. I have an appt at the breast clinic next Thurs as I have a lump in my left breast and my GP said that they will do 3 things.

  1. A mammogram
  2. An ultrasound
    and after looking at the results of those they may need to do
  3. A biopsy.

I hope your appt goes well on Friday and that the outcome is good for you xx

I hope that helps that’s all the information I have at the moment.

Hi All

I thought the BCC publication about what to expect at your clinic appointment may be helpful. Here is the link:

Very best wishes


BCC Moderator

Thanks cats mother, that’s good to know. He is a naturally very positive person and I’m sure he would be supportive if it came down to it but he doesn’t think it’s something to worry about yet.

Thanks for the link Janet xx

Hi Leanne,

Glad to hear you have an appointment. I am sorry, Zeppa was right I didn’t read your post carefully :(! and missed the bit about your GP saying he was referring you to the hospital because your mum had BC. I was sorry to read that - what sort of age was your mum?

I think it is only natural the way your thoughts are turning. I remember when I was diagnosed 22 years ago I couldnt get the thought out of my mind that cancer=dying! but so many of us live for years after a diagnosis. Fingers crossed for you that it has nothing to do with bc. I am glad you have your best friend to go with you.


Hi Leanne, I think it is good that you have got an appointment at the hospital to check things out. A few months ago my daughter who was 29 at the time found a lump just like you and got it checked out at the hospital. I went along with her at her request as she knew I would know what they were talking about and help her with the details of my own BC. I was 39 when I was diagnosed.
My daughter had a physical check by the Consultant and mammogram and an ultrasound and a needle biopsy. They said they only did the needle biopsy because of my BC history. The good news was that it was all okay and just normal breast tissue and she got the results that day.
They did refer her to the genetics clinic and again she asked me to go with her. They wanted to know if any other members of the family had had breast cancer or ovarian cancer etc. They are now going to keep a closer eye on her but they will not call her back again to the genetics clinic until she is 35. But is she has any concerns she can contact them at any time. Hope this helps and that you have good news too. But if not we will be here to support you. Hugs, Val

My mum was 50, it was almost 2 years ago that she was diagnosed and just over a year ago that she finished all treatment.
I wish I didn’t have to wait so long, I read on the hospital website that they will tell you what they can on the day but some test results will take 4 weeks if you need more tests after the scans! x

My fiancé got a little bit upset last night. Think he’s been putting a brave face for me. He is so positive and hasn’t allowed himself not to be, that’s just his character until last night when said he I would have preferred him to come, he said he would come but I’ve told him not to, I know how hard it is to get out of his work, I just said that if it was bad and I needed him to be there later in day I’d expect him to come, he said if course, and he doesn’t work far from the hospital So thats comforting. I’m so nervous. lumps still there. I keep checking ha x

Hi Leanne good that you have an appt sorted and it sounds like you might be going to a one stop clinic ( where they do all the tests and you see the Cons on the same day) Sometimes results may need to be awaited. Please stop poking and prodding yourself easy to say I know but I found it makes it sore and eventually it starts to feel even more obvious to you, that is. Sending you hugs the waiting room is the worst place to be xxx J

Hi Leanne,

Hope all goes ok for you today. Thinking of youXX

Hi Leanne

I really hope that everything goes well for you today and will be thinking of you.


It’s good news. I got the all clear, long day but I’m srelieved and just had a big glass of wine with my friend xx

Congratulations Leanne! I posted on the other thread also. It’s great to hear that both you and Debs have a negative result. Enjoy the celebrations and I hope you have a happy, stress free future.

Oh gosh, I am so happy for you Leanne. :slight_smile:

It’s been nice knowing you for this short time - take very good care of yourself.

I also got good results - 2 cysts which were drained and been discharged from the clinic. :slight_smile:


Thanks Debs

im so pleased for you too, wrote on your post xx

take care xxxx

Thanks Debs

im so pleased for you too, wrote on your post xx

take care xxxx