Could it be reccurance

I had tnbc 7 years ago and have been doing well. Over the last few weeks though I have noticed that my lumpectomy scar seems more noticable and I have been getting frequent stabbing/burning pain in my nipple. Should I be concerned or just wait and see if it goes?


A mammogram would be a good idea perhaps but scars change over times and nerves can always be an issue. Plus if you had radiation, those side effects can appear late. More than likely something like that but it’s always good to get checked out when you’ve got a change.


I found that I developed some discomfort last year when I restarted doing some stronger exercises - it’s now settled down and I think it was a response to the extra movement / increase in muscle tone that occurred as a result as things shift around inside. I would say think if you have been doing anything different or if your weight has changed. If you can’t think of a reason and / or it doesn’t go then it’s maybe wise to get checked out . Xx


Thanks I am overdue a mamogram I’m hoping/ thinking it could be hormone changes. Just thought it strange it’s just one side.

I think you should get this checked out. It could be nothing but if it is something the earlier you catch it the better.

Ask also for an ultrasound or a breast MRI as not everything shows up on a mammogram. It will help put your mind at ease.

Best of luck and try not to worry too much in the meantime however I know how impossible a fear this is. Sending positive thoughts.

Mine was one sided also - it was to do with nerve damage / scar tissue etc and how all that responded to increased stretching or density of muscle tissue I’m sure as it’s now gone . My friend who is about 10 years post - op says she still gets intermittent pain so it can happen but as you’re already overdue for a mammogram anyway if I was you I would be looking to get checked just in case xx


I’ll make a gp appointment and take it from there

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Hi @JoanneN

I know exactly what you mean.

I went to the GP last week as I was concerned about new and strange pains in my arm and chest on the side of my WLE & SNLB, he very kindly explained and showed me diagrams as to how pains as a result of my surgery could develop and occur particularly in my arm well away from the surgery site.

If you are worried about anything please go and speak to someone who knows. I think as a general rule if something is still there after 3 weeks you should get it checked out

AM xxx