Could this be a scammer on Breastcarenow?


I’ve today received a private nessage from some person I don’t recognise on the Forum sending me their private email so that I xan contact them as "This (meaning the forum is closing down a week come Monday) Can BreastCareAdmin check this out please. I have no intention of replying but perhaps some other person may get caught out unwittingly, particularly if they are recovering from Treatment.  You may check my messages.


Hi @Silver6 , the user who messaged you is a genuine user, and one of the participants of one of our virtual Moving Forward courses. The courses do close after they are over, and the chat won’t be available any more.

Some users share email addresses or other contact details to remain in touch.

If you are not on the same course as the user who messaged you, they may have messaged you by mistake. Even if you were on the same course, if you do not wish to keep in touch you do not need to reply.

I hope this reassures you that it is not a scam  :slightly_smiling_face: