Could this be a seroma after mastectomy

Hi all mastectomy recoverers

I had mastectomy 13 days ago, just wondering if the swelling I have is normal or not.  If you look directly at the wound i.e. through mirror it looks like I still have a boob  obviously its no where near as big as my original boob.  The top of the chest is fairly flat but the lower bottom edge is really swollen and hard.  I had problems with my drains not working so they where taken out a day early, then the nurses had a job to stop the drain wound leaking. Do you think I am expecting it to flatten out too soon?  I pray its not a haematoma as don’t really want to have anymore surgery.  Anybody else had this problem?

Dear  Chissy_,_

This dose sound like a Seroma, did have one myself in my back if I remember the nurse called it a water bottle back, however it was drained which made me more comfortable maybe give your breast cancer team a call tomorrow feel sure they will get you sorted out.

Wishing you well for a speedy recovery, 

big hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow: