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Hi there, I’m wondering if there are any counselling services you would recommend? I was diagnosed with BC in April 2023 and have had a lumpectomy, but then needed a single mastectomy with reconstruction. I would like to talk to someone who isn’t a friend or family member. I have tried to self-refer via the Cancer Centre at my local hospital but they are not responding.
Many thanks in advance.

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Hello. I had a mastectomy too then further surgery. I am nearly a year in! I find Breast Cancer Now to be very helpful :raised_hands:. Also Macmillan Cancer Support do referrals for Counselling. I used them too. You can telephone there helpline number 0808 808 0000 I wish you lots of luck and all the best :heart:x

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Macmillan should be able to refer you - I had six sessions via them.

Hi Catnav

Thanks for posting.

People experience many different emotions following a diagnosis of and treatment for breast cancer. Being able to talk to someone outside your circle of family and friends about how you are feeling can be very helpful.

You mention that you have tried to self-refer via the cancer centre at your local hospital, but they haven’t responded. We would encourage you to leave a further message for them to contact you. Your breast care nurse may also be able to help with a referral to local services.

If counselling is not possible through your local cancer centre, you can ask your GP for a referral. Or as @Natalie42 says, Macmillan Cancer Support offer up to 6 free, remotely delivered counselling sessions. And here is some information about NHS talking therapies.

We offer a range of free supportive services for anyone who has had a diagnosis of breast cancer which you may be interested in. Whilst these do not include counselling, they do provide the opportunity to talk to people in a supportive environment.

Talking to someone who has had a similar experience can often be helpful. Our Someone Like Me service can match you with a trained volunteer who’s had a similar experience to you. You can be in touch with your volunteer by phone or email and they can share their personal experiences to answer your questions, offer support or simply listen to how you are feeling.

You can ring the Someone Like Me team on 0114 263 6490 or email them at, so they can then match you to your volunteer.

Many people are surprised at how emotional they feel when their treatment finishes.

For many people, it’s not always ‘back to normal’ when they finish hospital treatment for primary breast cancer. For some, it can mean leaving behind the routine and support they’ve become used to. Adapting to life after treatment can be difficult and as you have found, often the need for information and support continues.

You may be interested in our resources that are particularly for those who have come to the end of their main hospital treatment. These are known as our Moving Forward services and include our Moving Forward booklet and Moving Forward courses.

The courses are open to people who have had a primary breast cancer diagnosis and have finished their hospital-based treatment within the last two years.

Through supportive, open conversations in a safe, confidential space, you’ll connect with people who understand. And you’ll find the tools you need to feel more empowered, confident and in control to begin to move forward with your life.

You can attend Moving Forward either at our face-to-face course or take part by joining online. Find a course near you or register for an online course via the links above or call us on 03457 077 1893.

You are also welcome to call our helpline if you would like to talk this through or have any further questions. The helpline team have time to listen to your concerns, talk things through and signpost you to more support and information. Your call will be confidential, and the number is free from UK landlines and all mobile networks. The number is 0808 800 6000, (Relay UK - prefix 18001).

If you would prefer one of our nurses to call you. To do this, please complete this form ticking the box agreeing to a call back.

Our usual opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and 9am - 1pm on Saturday.

We are closed:

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Out of hours you can leave a message and we will call you back when we next open.

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