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I had a lumpectomy followed by a week of Radiotherapy in September and October 2022 for breast cancer. I didn’t require any chemotherapy. I have tested positive to COVID 19 today. I was sent an email in June from the NHS saying I may require treatment for the COVID. Would this be correct since I did not have any Chemotherapy and I have also stopped the Anastrozole? I will inform my GP tomorrow (As it is Boxing Day). Has anybody else had the same experience? Or were offered treatment?

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Hi I had a lumpectomy in July and radiotherapy in oct. I am now on letrozole. I have covid beginning of Dec and I rang my GP as I had had a letter like you. I was put on antivirus tablets for 5 days as I apparently am classed as vulnerable. Hope you are not feeling too ill. Take care

Thank you for that information it is very helpful. I will ring my GP tomorrow as it is Boxing Day.
I hope you are enjoying the Christmas holidays.
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Hello yes last year I got COVID a few months down the line from radiotherapy and I also had the Paxlovid antiviral treatment for 5 days which definitely helped me get over it . I also did not have chemo though I was on Anastrozole .

The system didn’t work very well for me but it was a new treatment at the time. The number I was given to ring I spoke to someone who said a Dr. would call me but they never did. When I rang my GP they said I needed a PCR test and to ring 119 - the testing people ( maybe that’s the wrong number ) . The people there were absolutely lovely but said I didn’t need a PCR test and that only NHS111 my treatment team or my GP could prescribe it . As my surgery were being uncharacteristically unhelpful and I didnt want to bother the BCNs I rang NHS111 . I had to wait 10 hours to get a call from someone who could actually prescribe it but they came through for me and I was able to start it the following evening - it was delivered by hand having been sent from our regional Hospital 40 miles away.

Ideally you need to start it within 5 days of testing positive for it to do it’s job . I hope you don’t have the same drama I did to get it but get onto it tomorrow . If your surgery won’t help then try reaching out to your BCN or NHS111 - make sure you give them your full medical history and any medications / supplements you’re taking. I had to stop one of my blood pressure tablets because of a potential I traction with the antivirals .
I’ve had COVID again since and I wasn’t entitled to have Paxlovid anymore and it definitely took me longer to recover without the antivirals.

Hope you feel better soon xx

Hello Lakesiderunner. I recently had Covid and had not had chemotherapy since end of June 2023, though I am on treatment for Hertz2 positive cancer part of my cancer, yet was able to access antiviral treatment. I accessed it through the red card I am still able to carry. However, I am aware you can get referred via your GP. My reason for getting back to you though is to tell you that you can now have antiviral treatment up to 7 days after testing positive, including the 7th day. It has been extended from 5 days. Hope this helps and good luck with your GP tomorrow.

Thank you. I rang my GP this morning who gave me the COVID centre number to ring apparently they are now co-ordinating treatment from one place, I have had one call back but I’m now waiting for a doctor to ring me to see if I require the antiviral’s. The Number is 03000240000 that I have been given, I’m not sure if this is just for Berkshire,

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Thank you for all your information
My GP referred me to the COVID treatment centre. A Doctor phoned me and said that I no longer qualified for the Anti Virals as it was over 12months from my radiotherapy in October. However because I reported my positive test on the NHS site I was contacted by Oxford drugs trial team. Who are trialing Paxlovid in people over 50. If you enter you may or may not be given the Paxlovid. I have been lucky and I am having the drug just 2 days in.
Here is the link for anybody who has COVID and is no longer classed as high risk:

Thank you that is good to know

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