Covid booster 2024

Hi everyone, haven’t posted for a while but just wanted your opinion on the spring covid booster2024.
I have had all my covid vaccines which total to eight ,including the first second and third, followed by five boosters ,the spring booster will be my sixth booster.
I have read that to many boosters can cause immune imprinting,I normally wouldn’t think twice about having my booster ,but this has made me a little worried wether a total of nine covid vaccines is ok.I totally understand the importance of having the booster as I am immunosuppressive but it does make me nervous.could anyone reassure me or give me advice.Thanks for listening.

I get the feeling the covid virus mutates from time to time so that’s why I am having them frequently. I don’t mind as the cancer diagnosis means they think I will be at greater risk because of my immune system being suppressed. Quite honestly I don’t know what this is or what causes it, but I have had covid and it was just like a mild cold with a persistent but not disabling cough that didn’t go on that long…


Does anyone know how long you remain immunosuppressed after you finish chemo? Also I am concerned because I have read that the eligibility criteria for the spring covid booster means that you only get one if you are a child who is immunosuppressed or else someone who is 75 years or older.

I have just been for a covid jab and was told that I did not meet the criteria, however when I said I was being treated for cancer the person doing the jabs ticked the box for immunosuppressed and I got vaccinated. So go on line and book is my suggestion and then look as ill as you can. I am 68 by the way.


Thanks. Will look on-line😊

I’m a COVID vaccinator and would be happy to offer the vaccine for up to a year after finishing chemotherapy.
It pretty much comes down to whether your GP codes your cancer diagnosis correctly and then whether that coding is ever reviewed. It’s the GP codes that determine who gets invited.

Thank you. That is very helpful. I finished chemoimmuntherapy on 10th December. Have just had mastectomy and ALND and am now waiting to hear if I will be getting adjuvant immunotherapy.

I have been offered the spring booster and I finished chemo in November. It will be my fifth vaccination for covid, and the second since my diagnosis. Personally, I think I’d take a winter booster later this year, then maybe reconsider.

I finished chemo over two years ago, and was offered the vaccination again I was happy to have it (like you, I’ve had about 8) but didn’t want to have it at the expense of someone more needy. The pharmacist said I was fine to have it.

Hi ive just had my spring booster.
Had a text from nhs, took my last hospital letter with me.
Had it all booked and was fine.
Pharmacist was nice and chatty was happy to do it and didnt need to see my letter.
Have to say this was the first time i had a reaction to it and felt like i had flu all last weekend.
48 sbc.

Im not having anymore seasonal coivd jabs.
Fortunately for me, my day to day isn’t mixing with lots of people particularly children and as I already have another autoimmune disease, I’ve known the drill for the past 18 years.
I do have a flu jab every year.

I’ve had it and it was my ninth. I’m 43 and have had covid twice (all whilst living with cancer). I had to go to A&E both times due to my temperature and the lateral flows being negative. I’ll always take the booster as I’d much rather not get covid. I’ve had the antivirals too. I’m on palbociclib with neutrophil levels that hover around 1.2.

I didn’t even think twice about having it. Same as I always get jabs for my children.

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Hi I had my booster on friday, i did ask my christie team first and they said its best because the complications could be worse. How ever well we feel when you look at your bloods, perhaps we aren’t exactly as 100% as we were before we started on this journey. Thus best ask you team for their input and just checking online could lead you very much astray by non-qualified personnel. Love Moonsox xx

I had my spring booster on 27th April and was tested in hospital overnight Tuesday this week for Covid (as they couldn’t find any other cause of my high temp) and it was very positive! No symptoms other than high temp so hospital were surprised too! I’m on palbociclib and fulvestrant so consultant is deciding if treatment can go ahead this week or not. I’m hoping for negative test tomorrow as they have been getting more faint since Thursday