COVID has changed my treatment..

Hi, I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 1st June, and because of COVID, was given Letrozole to tide me over. It’s now November and still on Letrozole. I had a scan back in September and the lump had shrunk by 3mm. It’s a grade 1, invasive ducal carcinoma.

what I really want to know is if there was no COVID, would I have had an op, and would I have had more chance of it not spreading?
has anyone else had the same treatment as me? How are they feeling about it?

HI @Tricia123  

I was diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer in February 2020. I was told straight away that due to the size and position of the tumour and the relative size of my boob, I would need a mastectomy. I, too, was put on Letrozole to tide me over as Covid was just ramping up and they were cancelling all non-urgent operations. I was told that, as I was oestrogen positive and could go on Letrozole, I was classed as non urgent - in more normal times I would have had the operation within 4-6 weeks. I had the mastectomy on 24th July!

Like you, the Letrozole reduced my tumour - to the point where I couldn’t feel it anymore and neither could my surgeon. I had a few different scans and they decided that I could have a skin and nipple saving mastectomy. If it hadn’t been for Covid and the delay in surgery, this probably wouldn’t have happened. As I had an immediate implant reconstruction, it really helped emotionally and physically to have one wound site and my own skin and nipple.

At the initial scan in February, they were pretty sure that the cancer hadn’t spread to my lymph node and I tried not to worry about the delay potentially changing this. I was very lucky that nothing was found there  -  and I do think that overall and with hindsight Letrozole and the delay really really worked in my favour.

I sincerely hope you have a similar positive outcome although I really do understand how difficult it is to wait and wonder.

Susie x

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Hi Tricia123,

Thank you for posting. You are welcome to call our specialist nurses to chat about your treatment or just for support. They are available on 0808 800 6000.

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Why did you have to wait so long ? 

covid did ease up for a while 

I have just been diagnosed with the same cancer and my op was due 4/1 also cancelled cos of covid I am to on letrozole