Covid jab

If you had breast cancer 7 years ago and chose to have a mastectomy chemo and radiotherapy then put on tamoxifen have you had the covid jab. My friend  Spoke to dr who agrees and said that being on tamoxifen means that you high risk of having blood clots. As being in care he will write an exempt form. Has anyone else been told this. I had bc 4 years and did not go on tamoxifen. I have had all mine but I am concerned if she has been given right information 

Hi Jasper, I think I spotted that you have asked the nurses about this - always a wise move and I hope their reply reassured you and your friend. I’ve had all the treatments over the years and been on tamoxifen for nearly three years, and anastrozole before that. I have gladly had all my covid jabs/boosters with no problem and never any hint from doctors that it was anything other than A VERY GOOD THING! Best wishes xx