Cramp in Chest (new question)

Cramp in Chest (new question)

Cramp in Chest (new question) Hello, I was looking to see if anyone had mentioned cramp, and have noted that there is a thread about it. However, I have had mastectomy with LD recon and I get cramp in my recon. I think, and would like to know from anyone, if it’s because the back muscle has been used and, I guess, would get cramp in normal circumstances (although I’ve never had cramp in any muscles!!). It is very very sore and first time I did think I was having a heart attack. It renders me helpless for max. 3 mins. and it’s horrid.
I’ve tried to write down/remember what I was doing immediately before it happens, but it’s different every time. I am training for the Paris Marathon, so lots of running, and it never seems to be associated with that…bizarre. Any ideas?

Thank you

hi Karen i had mastectomy but no recon but do get cramps still
and yes mine is painful enough to makes me shout out iwas really worried about it but it does seem quite common i have been on here and on other site talking about it and was suprised at how many women get it
so dont feel so bad now but i will mention it to my onc when i go just to be on safe side , although mine seems worse if i have been doing more .


I have always had a problem with these cramps but never thought to ask the question here. I have had two mastectomies at different times - one i do not have any sort of recon and the other is unusual in that i had a mastectomy but had recurrence in skin the following year so needed to have all the skin removed and a flap made from muscle of stomach etc. (so similar to TRAM flap but a vertical one) without it being shaped into a proper reconstruction. I get these cramps in both sides just as you have described - never know when it is going to strike, and nothing in particular triggers it. I have come to the conclusion that it has nothing to do with the flap but the original mastectomy. The mastectomies were done in 1996 and 2000 so it does seem to continue over many years.


I get the same cramp Hi Karen

I had an ld recon back in 2003 and I have suffered on an off with cramp in the back - it is definitely in the lat muscle and probably where the muscle has been rejoined after the section was cut out for the recon. I don’t get it quite as often now but it is most likely to occur when I am tired - I have a very physical job - so the evening is a prime time. Also sitting awkwardly or being in the car for long periods can trigger cramp. It is definitely very painful and I have to try and stretch and straighten my back to alleviate the pain, which can take some time.

Try not to worry about it - I think it is simply weakness from the recon and see if you can be aware of what you are doing when it occurs then you can possibly avoid the triggers. As I said, it does happen less often for me now 3 years down the track - probably not much relief for you right now but it does get better.

Best wishes

Thanks for the info Hi there, thank you all for the info, I’m glad I’m not alone. I had mine too in 2003, so not new. It is always something new and I would have thought it would have all settled down by now…!! oh well, other effects of BC I guess.

Will try and take note what I am doing when it strikes again.

Thanks again