CRAMP Hi Everyone.

Just wondering if anybody suffers with cramp in there legs at night.?

On Tamoxifen but it is not listed as a side effect. Most likely to be me just panicing again over nothing.

Janet x

Hi Janet,

I can certainly sympathise with the cramp problem! But I am not on tamoxifen - I have pamidronate & herceptin. Mine tends to be early morning and during the day and affects my calf muscles, feet & hands and could be due to the pamidronate. I have been given quinine tablets to take when it is bad, but also am told drinking tonic water can help too (at least thats what the onc. says). I know one of the ladies on the other site


who is on tamoxifen and she has really bad cramps too. The problem is how to tell if it is due to the drugs or just “our age”. My oncologist did say if it got really bad she could give me a mild sedative to calm the down the nerves/muscles? involuntary spasms but I didnt want to go down that route.

Let’s hope your post brings out a few other suggestions.

lol Dawn

Cramp I do find that I get considerably more cramp in my feet than I ever used to - and I’m on Tamoxifen.

It’s a real nuisance when it wakes you up in the middle of the night, isn’t it?


Cramp I too am on Tamoxifen and yes i get cramp in my legs mainly at night.


hi out there, i too get very bad cramps in the back of my lower leg. I am on tamoxifen, som,etimes it is so bad at night that it wakes me and i cannot stand up, so it doesnt go off.

I thought it was just me! Mentioned it at a hospital appt and was told it was nothing to do with Tamoxifen, but there seems to be so many side effects why not!

Cramps and Tamoxifen Leg cramps are listed as a side effect of Tamoxifen - see the factsheet on this BCC site

(page 2, column 1)

I had the same problem and my oncologist told me to drink tonic water at night before bed. It does help a bit. She also said to ask my GP to prescribe quinine tablets if the tonic water didn’t work (tonic water contains quinine).

Hope this helps a bit.

Cramps Thanks everyone for your replys just makes me feel better knowing that I am not on my own with the cramps.

Thanks Loobylou for the advice about the Tonic Water (I do drink it only it always has a GIN in it. maybe that is why it 's not working) ha!

Thanks Again
Janet x