Cramps and always feeling under the weather

I was wondering if anyone else was experience leg and feet cramps since starting Arimidex? I have been taking it for 10 mths and during that time I seem to be feeling steadily worse. Tired struggling with day to day activity even though I only work part-time and I live alone. I am incredibly achy in my muscles and bones too. For example is I plan a busy day out I have also got to plan a rest day afterwards!
Just recently I have started to have painful cramp in my right calf and also in my toes and instep. These ocur most evenings or nights. Is this yet another side effect of Arimidex?
Although I am coming up to my 60th up until the last year (when I was diagnosed and treated for my BC)I have always felt young for my age but now feel about 10 years older.I know I shouldn’t moan and this drug is very important but oh to feel more energetic and feel like me again.
I also have to take other medication for heart and epilepsy so maybe that could explain the fatigue.
I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced the cramps though.

Hi laurasue
Ive been on Arimidex since March,and yes! I get the achy muscles,Your not on your own with this,the cramp in my feet & toes drive me mad,but i dont want to stop arimidex,If it gets too bad i take a Ibuprofen,that seems to help if i go out shopping, Was on tamox;for 2 year,but they caused me to have polyps in my womb.Next time i see my doctor i shall ask if he can give something to take to ease,the muscle ache,I do find that Tonic water does help the cramp.
Best regards


I have been on Tamoxifen for almost 3 years. I found I was suffering very painful cramp in my calfs almost every night which is a side effect of Tamoxifen. I reasd somewhere that drinking a glass of tonic water with quinine is helpful, and thought ok worth a try. Thge difference is amazing great reduction in episodes of cramp, dont get it very often now aqnd it isnt as bad when i do. If I miss the tonic water for a few nights it starts up again. Its well worth a try.

Take care

Carolyn x

Thanks for the tip. My main problem with Tamoxifen is joint pain and indigestion which I would love to get rid of. Have you tried different brands of Tamoxifen? I’m interested in finding which brands are better than others although it seems very individual. I had a bad experience with the first brand I tried and my current one has been dicontinued. Although this one hasn’t been perfect I couldn’t live with the side effects the first brand gave me. Do you have any ideas for joint pain?


Just to add to Carolyn’s tip regarding tonic water. I hate the stuff but found bitter lemon also contains quinine which appears to be the magic ingredient. It certainly worked for me


Thank you ladies for your tips regarding the cramp in my legs and feet. I will def try the bitter lemon as I too Hate tonic water, only the gin made it bearable and not very often! This has been a new feature for me in the past few weeks but it all seems to fit to what you say. I really appreciate your comments. :smiley:

Chris x

Yes , I too get cramps . Mainly in my feet and hands , sometimes in my legs .
My doctor told me it was because of the hot flushes and sweats that I´m having every hour that I was dehydrated and must drink more ,trouble is then i sweat more !
Also I was told to look at my intake of the “B” vitamins , 1,6 and 12.
I´ll try the tonic water , although like Chris , I would prefer to forget the tonic and just have the gin . Wonder if that would work ?!

Hi Everyone, I’m on Arimidex and have only been on them for about 5 or 6 weeks and I get awful aching muscles and bones. The Doc gave me quinine tablets for the cramp in the feet and legs and I take them at night before I go to bed and they are fantastic. I don’t take them every night, just occasionally. I’m 62, but my bones and muscles feel as if they are 162! Kris, I’m with you on the gin and tonic bit - I still have gin and tonic and vodka and tonic at the weekends (not at the same time…) Haven’t tried just the ‘gin’ tho…

My onc did tell me that the aches and pains would get a lot worse once the Arimidex got into my system, he seemed to find it amusing!!

Hope everyone is well today, apart from the cramps etc. Take good care of yourselves. Have a good day. Lots of love to you all, Dianne x x x