Cramps in mastectomy side

Hi all. I’m hoping someone can relate to my issues. I was diagnosed oct 2013 with a stage 3… 4.5cm tumour, extensive dcis in the rest of the breast tissue and node involvement. er+/pr+/Her2+++, (mastectomy, reconstruction, fecT and rads). I have lymphodema after having a node clearance and have gotten used to that and the pains that come with it but recently I have started getting cramps in the reconstruction site. It feels like it’s coming from underneath the implant and I also feel it in my back just on the inside of my shoulder blade. It only concerns me because it’s a new thing. I do have issues with the reconstruction site where the implant is trying to escape from the bottom, it broke through the muscle and it being held in place by the skin and scar tissue so it could very well be the reason but I’ve had other issues of late that are being put down to a congenital heart Problem that I just been diagnosed with by fluke after investing why I have chest pains and breathing issues. The chest pains aren’t in the right side as you’d expect of the heart but I’ll go with what they doctors say. I’m not due to go back to my consultant till march so if there’s anyone who can’t relate to these cramp sensations I’d be grateful of your advice or stories as to what was causing it.


Hi kander, I’m a year behind you. Dx sept14, grade 3 8cm plus 2cm tumours, er+, 26 lymph nodes positive. Mx, chemo, recon and rads.

I get stabbing pains under my implant (left side). I’ve put it down to getting feeling back and using the muscles again. My implant is on top of the pecs instead of under.

Can’t bring myself to do the 2 hour round trip plus ?hours sitting in the hospital waiting room to see the consultant.

Thanks for the reply.

I get stabbing pains too and I’ve had them as long as I can remember since the mx, I get the usual phantom breast pains too but these cramps feel strange and I’ve googled and not found very much on it. The only stories I find are with women starting chemo