Critical illness cover question

Hi there

I have not been diagnosed with BC but my 40 yr cousin has and due to another cousin being dianosed last year and my aunt a coupl eof years ago i am being referred to the breat clinic.

My cousin has gone in today for her maestectomy, we are very close and i am so worried for her, not just the emotional effects but also the financial. She has told me she has critical illness cover and beleives she will be ok.

I had a little scare 18 months ago and am really worried about what they will find.

Anyway that is by the by, the main reason for my post is that i called a well known insurance company for a cirtical illness cover last night and answered all the questions very truefully that my mother or sisters have never suffered from any of the illnesses they listed. However the one little grey area i am not sure of is they asked if i was awaiting test results for any of the deceases listed such as cancer? I answered no. In my mind i have not been tested yet but what i really concerned about is if i take up this insurance and say in a couple months or even a months time I am diagnosed with BC then will my insurance be invlaid as my doctors notes will date that it was only 2 weeks ago i asked to be referred?

Sorry for such a long winded question, first post and wasnt sure the level of detail i should give.

For all of those that are suffering this terrible decease and for those who are supporting loved ones through it, my heart goes out to you, it really does and i wish you all well.

Pinky x

The best thing to do is speak to the insurance company and tell them you have been asked to be referred and if this will effect the cover as if you pay all the money out to be covered and then discover your not it will just add to your stress if you need to make a claim.

Also you should check what the insurance covers as I had a bit of wait whilst they checked with my oncologist if my breast cancer was life threatening!!