Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover Hi all,

Have been reading some of the postings about claiming benefits and the hassles and indignities you are having to put up with.

This is a dificult enough time for us all without having to cope with having no money, and claiming what is rightfully yours.

On this point, I would like to tell you all that if you have a Critical Illness insurance policy , you may be able to make a claim.

I am currently claiming and am just waiting to hear back from my insurers. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will pay out.

Hope this is helpful to anybody.


i am waiting to hi susie my claim was put in on the 18 of january 07
i had a phone call last week and they wanted to no how old my dad was when he died if he was 55 then they said i would hear soon.dont no what it was all about i had just had my chemo and i had chemo brain. i did tell them my dad died of cancer and they said it doesnt matter it s weather you get it when we took the policy out. it would be nice to have the morgage paid then i wont have to worry about going back to work. i still have one more fec than three taxotor my rads and then a year of herceptin. how far are you with your treatment. i hope you hear soon me to take care.
ann x

Hi Susie and Ann,
I have also claimed and am waiting to hear- have now been told they have all reports from doctor and onc and I will get decision in 2-3 weeks- am nervous, because if they pay out, it seems unbeleivable- things like this dont happen to me (but then neither does breast cancer either- ha!)
I am with legal and general and the money wouldnt cover the whole mortgage but would certainly make life a whole lot easier!
Who are you guys insured with?

Hi Ann and Katy,

I have my first FEC on 12 April, so getting very nervous (what am I saying, terrified).

Like you Katy, I will believe it when I get the money, Things like this don’t happen to me either. I am insured with HSBC life and think that they pay out the full amount to cover my mortgage. (am keeping my fingers crossed for you both and for myself)

There is no history of breast cancer in my family, so at 42 years old, I am the first.

Good luck to you both
Keep in touch.


My friend has been trying to claim since January and hasn’t had a decision yet.

critical illnes susie and katie
well girls if we get our morgage paid it will give us piece of mind and my husband will have the biggest smile he he.
i am with the halifax and they dont give nothing away do they.
i took mine out two years ago after my son died he was only 20 and was born with muscular dystrophy i said to my husband if we have it nothing will happen to rong can i be.
about my treatment i was diagnosed on the 3rd of january had a right side mastectomy on the 23 of january 07.i have had 2 lots of fec one more to go then i have to have 3 lots of taxotor, 5 weeks of radiotherepy, then a year of herceptin.
katey the fec was not as bad the 2nd time i get nervous i was unwell the night but the next two days i felt fine it was strange then the 3rd night i was rough for about five days. i make the most of the good days i have lost all my hair dont like wearing the wig i get lots of hot sweats every one says i look lovely but i can not wait till my hair comes back.
how are you girls coping,
lets hope we get our morgage paid or we will be on watchdog ha ha
keep in touch we can help each other it sounds like you are just a little behind me with your treatment katie.
take care girls
ann x x

Hi Ann,
yes- we do seem to be having the same treatment- have just had 4th FEc and am due to start taxotere in two weeks- am dreading it! I have read other posts on the side effects and it sounds awful.
I am feeling crap today because we had a lovely day- went to a car boot with the kids and then we went to hire a boat on the canal with the kids. I was waiting to pay the man with the money in my hand when I saw another family off load from their boat and noticed the lady pulling off the lifejacket over her head. It was a snug fit and I just knew that my wig would come off if I attempted it so I just said to my husband I cant do it.
I explained to my 6 year old that I couldnt go on the boat cos my wig would come off and everyone would see that I was bald and he didnt even flinch, even though he really wanted to go ojn the boat- he just said “thats alright mum- it doesnt matter” I had a great big lump in my throat. My 4 year old daughter threw a wopping paddy and I have been feeling really crap for rest of day basically. If our money comes through I will buy my very own super duper life jacket that goes on like a jacket- not like a bloody babys bib- Ha! In fact may even buy myself a bloody great big barge and work that canal !!!
Heres hoping we’re all quids in soon… (fingers crossed desperately!)
Speak to you soon

hi katy
your son sounds lovely your daughter is to young to understand it must be hard for you i often think how would i have coped if the children were little, you have to make the most of the good days, i have a nephew who is 7 and the dinner ladt found him crying at lunchtime they phoned my sister and she had to go and get him i was so upset we live a hour and a half car journey away from each other so we dont see each other that often he is really special to me as my sister had him on my birthday it was lovely.
you are really good wearingyour wig when my hair fell out my head was so soar i could not even tiuch it so i never put my wig on plus the sweats make the wig unbeareble. we went out today and there was going ti be people there who had not seen me with out hair so i was going to wear the wig i put it on and my husband said its fine ,that was not what i wanted to hear, i got to the front door and said i can not do it i am not going out with the wig, he slamed the door shut and sat on the stairs are we going out or not?
i took my wig off and put my burberry pink bakers hat on and said i will wear my hat. we went out had a lovely day everyone said i looked lovely and they felt my head why?
lets keep in touch good luck i am not a lucky person either but maybe this time we will be.
take care and if ever you need a chat, how many taxotor are you having.
ann x

Just spotted this post ladies.

We had critical illness cover with Legal and General and they paid out the full amount of our outstanding mortgage.
It took about 3 months from start to finish and, as you will appreciate, has made a huge difference.

Hope you all hear something very soon,

phone call… Hi all,
thought I’d update you on my claim- I had a call today and they told me that the doctors had supplied the incorrect information again! (this is the second time) apparently they need details of my medical history from 92-02.
2002 is when we took the policy out- I’m assuming they want to check I’ve not had undeclared lumps or cancer before- do you think?
Anyway, will be on to the doctors myself tomorrow to see if I can chase it up.
Take care

Hi everyone Hi

I have just had my critical illness payout and I was diagnosed in January.

I think some companies are notoriously bad at paying out and now realise that I was very lucky. The only criteria that was set on my policy was that the cancer had to be invasive, so they wouldn’t have paid out for DCIS or similar.

I was insured with Scottish Widows and all I had to do was fill in a form and ask my GP to do the same - they paid up within 3 weeks.

It is most definately worth claiming.

Love and Hugs

Wendy xoxoxox

critical illness paid hi susie katy and wendy
good news i got my paper work today i have to send bank details and the money will be paid into our bank and we then pay the morgage.
i am so pleased and its a great weight of my mind.
i was thinking about doing a shirly valentine then i thought i would like a convertable merc.
i really hope you girls hear soon.
all the best ann x

hi katy hi katy
dont the drs drive you mad you could talk to your breast care nurse and get her to talk to the consultant.
if you did not have any problems before you took out your policy there should not be a problem and you should be paid out after all mine said if either me or my husband got cancer we would get paid.
i hope you get it sorted and try not to worry to much i am sure every thing will be fine.
good luck.
ann x

HSBC critical illness Hi Susie
just heard yesterday that my critical illness policy with HSBC will pay out the full amount of my mortgage - this is less than 2 weeks since my reports from GP and breast surgeon got to them.

My claim was dealt with in a very personal way - one named person and a direct phone number to call - and she phoned to update me each week - that’s if i hadnt hassled her first!

It’s a huge relief, I struggled on my salary let alone the SSP.

I really hope you get a good outcome too - in all ways
good luck

Hooray Hi,

Just to update you all. Had my payout from HSBC this week. Have paid out for my full mortgage.

What a relief!! And now I own my own house outright!!!

Well done to you Wendy, Ann and Mandy.

Hope that all of you still waiting, get a brilliant result.

Sometimes, good things do happen.


still waiting girls… Hi all,
thought I’d update you on my claim (possibly the longest one in history!)- trust me!!!
The insurance company finally got documents from the doctors only to discover they had provided the wrong period- AGAIN!!! I got on to the doctors surgery myself where they admitted to me that my files were lost and they only had information from 2000 (ins co needs 1992-2002) I telephoned the insurance company back and they seem quite happy to wait until they find them!!!
This was over a week ago in which time I had to phone the Primary care trust/ the Patients Practitioners Agency and every god damned medical establishment in the world! Finally, yesterday, my feisty mother got on the case and my notes have been located and the report sent off to Legal and General who she is goin to phone tomorrow- I just hope they pay out after all this hassle- as I said - this could only happen to me!!!
Glad you lot have had positive results (it gives me hope)

Hi all Just my story here. We had our mortgage paid off - no problem . Then tried to claim against my Life Assurance (Scottish Provident) and they have been very difficult and finally refused to pay out, saying I lied about dates when I smoked (gave up when pregnant seven years ago, couldn’t be precise about date as I used to smoke very little). They also say I didn’t declare a cancer found when I had appendicitis, which noone ever told me was cancer and was not on my records when my BC was diagnosed. I have vaguely approached the insurance ombudsman about this and told S.P. that this is what I am doing but frankly do not want to go through the hassle. I have secondaries and can live without the extra stress. I know that some of these type of cases have been highlighted in the media recently but nothing has changed to make claiming any easier.