Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover Just thought I would share my news and maybe get some people checking their policys, but Legal and General have accepted my claim and my morgage will now be paid off. I would rather have not have had this horrible disease but hey it has made me feel a bit better knowing I have no mortgage to pay. May even treat ourselves to a trip to LA/Las Vegas.

S. xxx

Hi Slippy,

Glad to hear your ‘good news’ regarding your critical illness cover.

We too have cover on our mortgage with them and are currently awaiting a claim form. Hopefully we will get the same news as you!

I agree with you however that I would rather not go through this horrendous disease - but at least it will ease any financial worries!

Good for you on planning a holiday. It’ll be just what you need!

Take good care,


I had the good news yesterday that Legal and General have accepted my claim too. They were really good. Really caring when I first called them (on May 9th day after confirmation of my diagnosis). They told me it would take up to 12 weeks to decide. Luckily my onc wrote back to them the day after she got the letter so my claim was accepted in just over 5 weeks. So my mortgage gets paid off - what a relief. If there is any silver lining to having this darned disease, this has to be it.

From what I can tell, L&G are one of the few insurers who don’t wriggle out of paying what is due