Critical illness insurance


has anyone got a critical illness insurance after being diagnosed with cancer please? if so what insurance company would you recommend please?

Thank you for any ideas in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @svedija , I found some information on Macmillan’s website that may be useful:

Hi yes I have a policy with AVIVA.  I reluctantly took it out when I remortgaged last year and glad I did. 

policy covers breast cancer

All it took was one phone call, one online form (quite long and same info given over phone).  I was able to upload copies of relevant diagnostic letters and had to give access to my medical records so the claim can be assessed.  I’m told it takes about 8-12 weeks and then you get the lump sum you insured yourself for.  So I am just waiting now to see if they will pay out

I already had a policy with legal and general when I was diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer. Policy paid out before I had my first surgery. Can’t get cover now unless at an exorbitant rate but I don’t feel I need it as the payout took care of the mortgage with a bit left over for luxuries.

Hi. I know I am late to this thread…. I am currently starting a claim with Aviva and just wondered how you got in and how long it took?
Many thanks

Hi @k8t
I claimed on my critical insurance with Aviva in July 2023 and still waiting … I think a lot of chasing is involved unfortunately. I have seen from some other threads that is has taken a good few months x

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I read this at first as many have replied that they were able to claim on a critical illness policy and it took several months.

I found a lump in April 2023 and received the money in August 2023, it wasn’t straight forward as I was at maturity 30 April 2023 and wasn’t diagnosed until 15 May 2023. A complaint and proof of why diagnosis was 6 weeks after finding the lump.

But I have re read the post and you are asking if anyone has brought a critical illness policy ‘after’ diagnosis of cancer. I have not but I would assume it would be excluded from many if not all policies as existing or previous disease or illness likely to be excluded