critical illness policy

I was dx march last year and the thought that i had a critical illness policy took away the financial worry. I put in a claim and it is now a year later and also after involving the financial ombudsman i have been refused my claim. I am upset and angry as they have not only trolled through my medical records for a year but have also called me a liar. their words were ‘they felt that i had deliberatly with held information from them’. i told their agent everything and somethings he said i didn’t have to put down like depression because it was not clinical it was bereavement due to my mum dying. another thing that was mentioned was i never told them about a genetic condition i have as no doctor has ever told me it was a cause for concern nor have i had to have treatment for it and, had i told them then they would have not covered me for cancer even although this condition has nothing to do with cancer, but the thing is i told the rep and he wrote this down that my mum died from breast cancer - yes the word cancer was written on the policy and they still covered me for it. I can appeal to the ombudsman descison to refuse my claim but i am so upset that i don’t know if there would be any point in prsuing this further. God knows how many people have read my medical records. I now feel so vialated.

Hi Vodka, I am sad to say I’m not all that surprised. It shoudn’t be like this. There have been a number of women on this site who have had claims refused - I think one was because she went back to smoking for a few months then stopped again permanently! I’ve currently got a case before the financial ombudsman. I’ve got secondaries and my annual statements said i was covered for critical illness, but it was an administrative error!! Not expecting much I’m afraid, but I didn’t want to let them get away with it wothout a fight.
All the best to you,
Jacquie x

This really is piss poor vodka. Don’t give up!

I sent my discharge summary to claim for staying in hospital under the NHS. Have private health insurance and decided not to go private as the operation date was so quick. It’s been rejected because it’s not clear I went in for a breast cancer operation and doesn’t show explicitly the name of my consultant! Being chased up with the hospital so will take weeks.

No doubt will have the same problem claiming for radiotherapy. Bloody appalling!