critical illness policy's

I took out a critical illness policy when i bought my house a few years ago. I decleared everything to the best of my knowledge to the agent and even told them that my mum died of bc.

i have now put in a claim and they are going through my medical records with a fine tooth comb. they have questioned depression i had when my mum died (she died 3 weeks after i had a baby). They are now questioning the fact that i used to smoke - i stopped 8 years ago. I am claiming on having bc and not anything else.

has anyone else got policies like this and how did you get on?

this is causing me a great deal of stress, stress i don’t need right now.

Hi there,

They queried the dates I said I stopped smoking (found a discrepancy in my medical records) and refused to pay my life assurance. However, they did pay my mortgage off. There is a thread in Current issues/hot topics on this subject if you have a look.

Wishing you all the best with your claim,


Hi Vodka,

You’re absolutely right that it’s stress you don’t need right now. If I were you, I’d carefully read the terms of the policy that you signed up to to see whether there are any exclusions, and if there are and the agent didn’t tell you when you bought the policy you could have a claim against the agent. CAB may be able to advise. If there aren’t exclusions, you may just need to sit tight whilst they do their checking and wait for them to come to a conclusion.

I don’t know if it makes you feel better or worse, but I got a letter yesterday saying that mine is going to pay out, so they do pay out for bc.

Good luck


Hi Jenny,

I went to the page you told me about and was shocked to see that scottish provident was mentioned so many times - they are my insurers!
i will take it to the ombudsman if i have to. they new i was at risk of bc when they agreed to take my money.

Hi Vodka,

I had critical illness cover with FRIENDS provident and was paid out.I would say that a letter had to go to my BS and my GP.The only reason they paid out was because my BC is invasive.I have also suffered with depression about 3 years previous to the policy being taken out ( luckily only last year!)

It might be worth while getting in touch with the Macmillan nurses as I have been told they can give you advice on this sort of thing.I do agree with Kinden though,you should perhaps query the agent.

Good luck I hope it works out for you Jennie x

Not quite the same thing, but I have secondaries and have made a claim on Personal Loan Insurance.

I really didnt think we were going to get anywhere, but Hubby fought and fought. Its a long story to put here - it took from September last year until last month for them to cave in. But, WE WON!!! We involved the Financial Ombudsmen at the start.

Several letters later stating that it was their final offer - KEEP AT IT - they try all ways to avoid paying out.

It was Lloyds TSB btw.

There is a good website about claims

Good Luck - let us know how you get on

Anne xx