Cry all time

Hi, I was diagnosed almost 4yrs ago & besides several side affects I cry all time about everything & nothing.

Plus severe fatigue.

Feel like I’ll never be OK

Hiyer MoDo,

 I don’t know what your original diagnosis was or treatment, or where you are with everything, but I was wondering - Are you on Hormone therapy ? Have you seen anyone about crying and feeling so low a lot of the time ?

MoDo please do speak to your team and use the nurse facility and someone like me option on here and tell them all this we’ve got you and think a lot of us cry over everything and nothing not only during treatments but after treatments too something will click for you and you will find your mojo it’s just finding what works for you and I’m positive you will MoDo and you will feel like MoDo again do keep reaching out that’s what bcn’s here for and reaching out to your team they will help and support you too :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx