Crying all time

My emotions are so high all I do is cry at everything, I feel soo sad all the time to the point where I don’t ever feel OK.

I dream every night about coffins, skeletons, dead people, Dark under ground burial type of scenarios…What the hell is happening to me ?

Hi MoDo

You don’t say where you are in your treatment but, as it’s posted in Moving Forward, I’m guessing you’ve got through to the other side now. If that’s the case, your mind feels you’re in a safe place now and it’s safe to  express all that pent up emotion you maybe couldn’t express while you were so focused on getting through the treatments. Maybe like me you were swamped in side effects. 

Ages ago, one of the nurses posted this article. I have read it repeatedly and found it very reassuring so maybe there will be something in it for you.

You already know the recovery rates for breast cancer are high and improving every year and death isn’t the likelihood it once was but, when you think about it, breast cancer’s image is so negative, it’s hardly surprising you’re having this reaction. If the article doesn’t help, talking to one of the nurses at the number above could prove very helpful - or contacting your breast care nurse or someone at Macmillan. You need some gentle words to help you regain your perspective, I suspect.

I hope you find something that helps because it sounds pretty scary.

All the best x