CT pet scan

Starting to feel very anxious where I had been coping. Had lumpectomy and one node showed cancer. Waiting now for scan which is worse incase they find something else. I have been offered a ct pet scan so they have cancelled my ordinary ct scan. They said the radiographer offered this due to me being 49. I need to hold things together but the thought of walking into see surgeon and getting more bad  news is getting to me now. I know I need a second op to removed nodes and chemo. I can deal with that but not the uncertain results ? Need some positive vibes please xxxxx

Sending positive vibes as requested. Keep strong, you’re doing great . Big hugs nicky x

Sending lots of love and positive thoughts.

Mel x


Sending positive vibes and hugs xx

I think your team are being very thorough with your care, which is good, the scan will be just to make sure.  I’m sure things will be ok, thinking about you & sending you a big hug xx


I’m also sending you lots of positive (and sunny) vibes. 


I’m going through the same thing - it can feel as though you are in an avalanche of bad news, but my nurse told me that another reason they do the CT scan is to put people’s minds at rest. She said that people can get really worried if they start to feel aches and pains during treatment or in the future, and when the scans come back with no bad news (positive vibes!) they’re reassured it’s nothing serious.  


I get my results next Friday and although I’m not ignoring my anxiety, I’m trying really hard to breathe when the negative thoughts come, and also remind myself that it’s totally ok and very normal to feel them, before trying to let them go.  

Sounds a bit hippy when you write it down but it’s working for me (more or less!). 


The fact that you’re sounding so calm about surgery and chemo (and it being very manageable for you) is very inspiring to me. 


Thinking of you xxx