CT results - incidental findings worry

Hi Ladies,
So I met with my surgeon yesterday and got the results of my MRI, CT and additional biopsy result. MRI was fine no surprises, biopsy and MRI showed cancer cells in 1 lymph node which I’m gutted about. I’m starting chemotherapy in 2-3 weeks.

The surgeon said my CT was fine and all clear for spread to which I burst into tears. He then said there were a few incidental findings which need further investigation. I have inflammation of my bowel tbh I’m not surprised as this has been a very stressful time! So he has sent my images to the gastroenterology team for review. One of my chest bones has a dip in it which he says is likely a genetic thing but I have to have a bone scan to check my other bones. I also have scar tissue on my lungs likely from when I had pneumonia years ago and this just needs monitoring.

I was feeling really positive as I’m starting treatment in a few weeks so glad to start the process but now I’ve got these additional worries on top of everything else.

He has assured me that none of them are to do with the breast cancer and that these CT scans always find things they are not looking for. Like opening a can of worms!


Hello @jayne1210

Oh my goodness it sounds like you had an awful lot to process in your appointment yesterday and clearly the news that you’ve got cancer in a lymph node was not a good thing to hear as your treatment plan has now changed

From what you have described above about the incidental findings it sounds to me that your surgeon was just being thorough in terms of “covering everything off” from the results of the scan and I don’t suppose they intended to cause you more worry.

As we go through life we are all affected by various illnesses accidents and the like which are going to leave their mark be it visible scars on our knees or scars on our insides.

Being diagnosed with cancer is an extremely worrying time and it’s very hard not to imagine everything in our bodies is cancer related, but that doesn’t mean it is.

I hope that this helps a bit in processing what you were told at your appointment, but you can always call the nurses helpline on Monday and I’m sure they will be able to discuss your concerns with you

Lots of love
AM xxx


What a lot you’ve had to go through. It will get better but I know the waiting is horrendous.
On a practical level, any counselling help available? Walk outdoors as much as poss. I know these sound crappy but they might help get rid of the adrenaline that will be coursing through your veins.


Hi. If it’s any consolation I’ve had the following incidental findings on scans: early stage emphysema - even though I’ve never smoked or shared accommodation with someone who smokes - symptomless at the moment; mild pericardial effusion - again symptomless, diverticulosis, and three fractured vertebrae! I’ve actually found this quite helpful, especially the vertebrae, as I was referred for a Dexa scan and will be starting treatment soon for osteopenia. If this hadn’t been found on the scan I would not have realised as the fractures were painless.