CT Scan - allergic reaction to contrast medium

Has anyone else had an allergic reaction to the contrast medium injected into our arms for a CT scan?  Each time I have a CT scan, my hands become inflamed and the skin becomes very sensitive and dry.  Over the course of two to three weeks most of the the skin on my hands peels off and the new skin can initially feel quite sore and sensitive.  My oncologist tried giving me a course of steroids, starting on the day of my scan.  This didn’t help so next time I will start the steroids at least a day before I have the scan.  If anyone else has this problem and has found a way to prevent it I would love to hear from you.  

Hello, I had an allergic reaction to the iodine CT contrast which apparently is quite common. The last CT scan they gave me a different contrast which apart from a very small flare-up of eczema I was ok with. I’m not sure what it was, might me worth chatting with the CT radiologist xx