CT scan and Gastrografin

I was wondering if any one had an idea of why they would give you Gastrografin to drink the night before your scan on your second scan but not your initial one.

Dianes husband.

Hi Eddie, Is this the contrast dye? If so, it may be to get a clearer picture. I only had dye the first scan but not subsequent ones.


No, she will bw injected with the contrast dye on the day as well.


Sorry forgot to mention that it says on the sheet that I got the it is usually stille necessary to give me the injection of contrast dye as the scans are taken.

Internet definition

“Gastrografin is a liquid radiocontrast agent containing iodine. It may be used as an alternative to barium sulfate for medical imaging of the gastrointestinal tract. It is indicated for use in patients who are allergic to barium, or in cases where the barium might leak into the abdominal cavity.”

I have had countless scans and sometimes I have to drink the drink and sometimes not. They have often done them without the contrast too, as my veins are too rubbish for them to get a needle into (though now I nip down to chemo suite and get them to insert a cannula for me). There seem to be many reasons that they change their methods of scanning but the end results are the same.