CT Scan and MRI

HI ladies,
this is my 1st entry. I’m getting a great comfort reading the entries here, although it makes me cry all the time.

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Saw the oncologist yesterday but did not get any results from my biopsy, left feeling frustrated, I do not know which stage or grade the breast cancer is at. This Friday I will have a CT Scan and MRI (breast neck and bones).

Each time I went to hospital, it’s all been bad news after another. At the 1st needle test, I was told it was unlikely to be cancer, but was referred for a mamo and ultrasound scan anyway. 2 weeks later I went for a mamo and was told to have a biopsy which was totally unexpected. 1 week later I was told I had breast cancer and was referred to the oncologist. And yesterday when I see the oncologist, after checking me up, he booked for a MRI and CT scan - is there more bad news to come?

I will probably start chemo in 2 weeks time.

Dear sarig

I am sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, I am sure you will receive lots of helpful advice and support from our users. I have given below a link to a Breast Cancer Care publication Resources Pack which can be ordered on line, it is filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. breastcancercare.org.uk//content.php?page_id=7514 I do hope you find this a useful resource.

Kind Regards.
Breast Cancer Care

Hi sarig,

I am sorry that you have joined the club. You have had a lot to digest and a lot of unnerving and distressing news.

The waiting is a stressful part of the whole BC journey but you are not alone.

Hopefully, there is no more bad news to come.

Please let us know how you get on and post any questions.

Thinking of you.

Margaret x

Hi Sarig

Sorry you have had to join us on here, but lets hope your scans give you the all clear and then you can start your bc treatment.

You will get heaps of support on here from some lovely ladies, and don’t worry whether you want to scream, cry, rant or rave, we will help you through this.

The waiting is the worst part as Margaret said, but try to stay as positive as you can (very hard I know, have been there, had ct scan, bone scan and mri scan, and the waiting absolutely destroys you). You will get through this though.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Take care

Had my 1st chemo on wed, 2 weeks erlier than planned. Had my CT scan and MRI earlier today.

Side effects, vomitting, fatigue and blurred vision. anyone has the same thing?

fatigue is the worst - how do I cope - i have an active 9 years old son. help - i’m feeling teary and miserable.

my husbang has been taking leave since wed and will be back at work on monday - how will i cope by myself? I am living far far away from family - there are in another continent.


how long do we usually feel fatigue after the chemo?

Hi everyone, its been three weeks since I went to the GP with a lump, since then I have had all the usual biopsies scans etc. etc. and next Wednesday I learn what treatment I will be having. What a rollercoaster, feels like a life time since the news was broken to me that I have breast cancer. Funny though, since then(a week ago) it now becomes what kind of cancer, and more questions pop up the more you read. Next stage will be what kind of treatment, how will i feel, how will i cope as a single Mum with a nine year old and thirteen year old.

Today I went to town with my Sister and her grown up girls, and my two children, they were all talking about things they are doing, have been doing nd are going to do, I felt so isolated, my life is such a shadow of what it was three weeks ago. I had boyfriends( no one permanent, just for fun) went to the gym regularly, had energy, was so positive, cheerful, strong, and enthusiastic.

I have had to give up my future for now, was training to be a teacher, I daren’t exercise for fear that I will send whatever cells there are careering further round my lymphnodes, (I do walk alot though!), I no longer teach in the college I was at because I was working with very underpriveleged individuals, and had to take a long bus and train ride to get there, and was advised to try not to leave myself vulnerable to infection.

My interests seem now to be having enough energy to keep cheerful, look after the kids, do housework, and keep strong for the treatment.

I AM cheerful, but it takes so much emotional energy to stay normal, the kids know and are staying normal and undramatic too, its just been such a fast transition from career woman to homebird, am feeling kind of lost,

maybe its good too, to learn to appreciate home, I have an art class and love painting so that’s good, and I can continue to treat people at home I hope(I am a hypnotherapist)

but I am bored already!

Thanks for letting me moan, its good to get it all out, especially as its Saturday night and I’m at home for the third week running!