CT Scan and Omnipaque

Hi, has anyone had to have a CT scan and take omnipaque night before and on the day hour before appt? i have just drank the solution. feels strange they didnt say they were sending this in the post, just arrived in a container, said to make up to 900mls of water or juice and put in the container of 50mls omniqaque and tgo take it. have done so but feel strange, is it just in my head cos it feels like Alice in Wonderland, drink me, wasnt expecting to get clear liquid in post and to drink it. anyone else had same? please put my mind at rest…Shar xxxx

I haven’t had that but I do know that it is a contrast dye for some scans. As with every chemical there can be some side effects and I think things like dizziness and feeling a bit sick are quite common but if you get other symptoms like a rash, swelling, problem breathing,very different heart rate etc I would take advice like ringing NHS direct. But I would think if they’ve sent it to you to take at home they would be pretty confident that it was safe.

I think I’d mention that you weren’t expecting it and how that made you anxcious so perhaps next time they’ll think about telling people what to expect!

Hope you feel a little less worried, good luck for tomorrow,will be thinking of you.
Julie x

Thanks Julie, i appreciate your reply, im really tired but was too scared to go to sleep, sounds daft i know, but at the mo such alot to take in and had first onc appt today so really jaded anyway taking in all the info. i will def mention to them tomorrow about not expecting it,love silversharxx

I’m just off to bed but saw your post. I can understand you not wanting to go to sleep and I also know just how hard it is to take everything in and try to deal with it.
I do hope that you manage to get some rest and peace tonight. Let us know how you get on when you can. God bless, love julie x