CT Scan and Ovarian Cyst

Morning Ladies

After some advise if I may.

Had my mastectomy in November and just had my second FEC session on Wednesday. Going through the usual side effects as all of you.

Anyway, the advise I need is regarding the news I’ve had about a CT scan I had just before Christmas. Its picked up a large cyst on my left ovary. Onc is now arranging for an ultrasound scan to get it checked further.

Anyone experienced this? And can shed any light on likely outcome?

Thanks in advance.

Deb x x

Hi, I had a large dermoid cyst & endrometrial cyst detected by ct scan a number of years ago before bc, it was removed by surgery. I had no problems since. It was done laparoscopically and I had a quick recovery. X


I had a cyst on my ovary discovered during the IVF cycle that I had to freeze my eggs before chemo. It was not surprising as I was diagnosed with endometriosis over 10 years ago, so it is just a development of that condition. Most surgery for these can be can be done laparoscopically as mentioned above, which is a quick recovery (I’ve had 3, although not for cysts, and no problems)

Hope your cyst is something as easy to deal with.