CT scan but no bone scan

After reading lots of comments it seems most have had a bone scan… I was given a lung xray, ct scan, and scheduled for an echo test. Should I be asking for a bone scan since the drs. have not mentioned it?

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Hi Lee
I think I may have written to you before. I had a bone scan as soon as the results of my biopsy came back showing they were cancerous - I think you should def ask for one. I haven’t had an MRI but I think tomorrow when I go to hospital for my first lot of tax I will ask about that. I think it’s important to have as many tests as possible. I didn’t have a lung xray until I ended up in hospital with infections - they said the CT scan would cover all that but I seem to read conflicting views on that.

Let me know what you think and what happens.
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Hi Lee & Rebz,
It has been 20 month now since I was diagnosed at which point I was given a chest xray, that showed lungs to be clear. Then had lumpectomy with aux clearance, news not good so went on to have mastectomy with imm recon. Results from mastectomy not too good either. Next step chemo followed by rads. I still have not had any other scans or tests even though during my treatment I was so frightened the cancer would still be there lurking somewhere both me & my mother asked the onc if could be checked out to give us peace of mind. This was seriously affecting my mental health. I was told those tests are not routine and even if they did do them nothing would be seen as any cancer cells would be to small. I still would like to have tests done as I believe the worry could cause bigger problems in the long run. I think you should ask for anything you want & if you get it then that will be great. Its a shame the routine checks that are made aren’t the same what ever area you live in. After all the cancer is. Fight for what you want girls & maybe they will listen.
Take care & good luck to you both
Love Judy X

Hi Lee

It definately depends where you stay. I have grade 3 invasive ductal. Only tests I have had done was chest x ray and test on heart prior to chemo. I spose with my bc nurse about this and she says they dont scan routinely as there needs to be so many cancer cells in liver etc for them to show up. The only thing she suggested is when it comes time for my surgery and they take lymph nodes and there is any spread in them she said I should then insist on further investigations, which I will.

Hope this helps

Hi Lee

I was given all three scans - MRI, Bone and CT straight after being dx with bc. Not sure whether this is just routine, or they thought it was bad news (which it was as liver mets), but had them all within a week. But if you really want one, I would persist and ask for one. It is your life and your body we are talking about.

Good luck and hope you get what you want.


it really does depend on where you live, as to what scans you are offered or are done routinely. It also seems to depend a lot on individual Drs too. Where I live in Shropshire they only do a Chest X-Ray and CT scan routinely, no MRI or bone scans. I had a bone scan but this was only because my CT showed a tiny blip on my spine and my onc wanted to do it as a ‘baseline’. My bc nurse said otherwise they won’t do any scans unless I present with any symptoms.

To be honest, although scans can give much peace of mind, its important to remember that they are not always conclusive. Also, with every scan you have comes the worry of waiting for the results.

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