CT scan hell

Hello lovely ladies

I posted earlier in the week when I was trying to decide on bilateral mx or a single mx and reduction. Your responses gave me a different angle and I decided on the latter. I finally felt releived that I was moving towards treatment having spent 6 agonising weeks since dx playing the waiting game. But it’s just started all over again!

I went to see my consultant on Friday for a catch up only to be told that a chest xray my GP ordered earlier this week has shown some nodules on both my lungs and that a CT scan was needed. I had the scan done a couple of hours later and the results will be back on Wednesday.

Apart from the initial body blow and automatic feeling of sickness at hearing this, it was like I’d been sucked back down a tunnel to the same place when six weeks ago the radiologist mentioned microcalcifications on the mammogram and I knew that that wasn’t good. I’ve only just got my head around BC, but to hear about something in my lungs is even more terrifying. I have come up with a million explanations for what these nodules could be, and I keep telling myself that DCIS is non-invasive so surely I can’t therefore have secondaries. But even though I’m a novice on the rollercoaster ride that is BC, I’ve already learnt that you can never say never. I don’t know if I can hope with more bad news. It hasn’t helped that my family’s initial response to the news of the CT scan was “That doesn’t sound good.”!!! I’m trying to keep it together here, I’m not an idiot - I know that it’s not bl**dy good, but I don’t need them telling me that and freaking out. Surely, that’s my prerogative!

I don’t want to bury my head in the sand about this, but also I don’t want to overreact. Any words of wisdom?


Hi Joolzie

Firstly, let me say how sorry I am to hear that you have this to contend with now as well as BC. However, has anyone mentioned malignancy in connection with the nodules? They may just be scarring from a previous infection if you have every had TB or a bad chest infection in the past. I know its hard but try not to jump to the worst conclusion until you know for sure. I went through the same thing with my son when he was a baby. he had cancer and had many different tests some with good and some with bad results and being left in limbo waiting for the results is by far the very worst thing. I was in a state of hysteria until I got the results. Then, whether they were good or bad, I felt much calmer because I once again had control over the situation. I am so glad the internet was not around, because I would have driven myself mad with endless searches. Once you have the facts, good or bad, you can then choose to deal with them. I also found that some people made things much worse by their thoughtless comments.

When I had my initial CT scan, they found a ‘blemish’ on my lungs. I had another scan 6mos later and it was still there but hadn’t changed. I think it might be from when I had chronic bronchitis in my twenties. Who knows?

Hope all goes well for you. At least your medical team are being vigilant, even though it is very scary – your mind works overtime!

Jacki x

Hi Joolzie,

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I was told after my initial diagnosis that they thought they had seen something on my lungs and got myself all worked up, had to wait two weeks for the ct scan then another two weeks for the results to be told it was nothing to worry about.

Horpfully yours will be the same, try to stay positve and good luck


Hi jooizie

I’m hope that you are finding this thread helpful. It’s not at all unusual to worry about the future in your situation, as I’m sure you realise. As well as the support you are getting from the forums you might want to phone our helpline and talk through your worries and concerns and how you are feeling.

The helpline is run by expert nurses who will be able to offer you a listening as well as support and advice.

The number to ring is freephone 0808 800 6000 the lines being open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

Thank you for all your reassurances. It’s good to hear of cases where these things have turned out to be nothing and are logically explained. Cathy59 reminded me that nothing has been mentioned about malignancy, only the need to investigate further.

I made it my mission to stay out all day today so as to distract myself and stay away from my pc! Will try my hardest not to dwell on it, although it’s easier said than done!

Many thanks


Hi Joolzie,
I also have spots on my lungs that have driven me insane with worry!!! They showed up on a CT scan when I was first diagnosed in January last year. I had another CT scan after chemo and they had not changed which the onc presumed was a good thing as if they had disappeared they would definitely have been cancer. My spots are too small for them to be definite what they are, but my doctor seems pretty certain that they are probably scars from when I had bronchitis and TB when I was younger- she also reminded me that I was a smoker for many years.
I have just had another CT scan which I nervously await the results of- this is because my onc says that now they know they are there, they cannot ignore them because they dont know for definite what they are- he did say to me though when they first discovered them that he could pull 20 people off the street and find people with spots and nodules on their lungs, so take heart and stay positive

Hi Joolzie.
I am a newcomer to the forum, But have really found it very helpful and comforting, you tend to think you are the only one with this problem, I have got such alot of answers to some of my questions through the forum.
After my masectomy and immediate reconstruction done on the 5th Dec.2007, due to DCIS, everything has gone well,I was given the all clear on the 13th Dec. but I was told that me pre op X-Ray had shown a shadow on my right lung, and that I would have to have a further X-Ry, which I had done that day , and had to have another one two weeks later. My PS consultant has now passed me over to a respiratory consultant, who I am seeing on Tues.11th. All along I have been wondering if this shadow has been due to the fact that when I was younger I suffered from bronchitis, and perhaps this had left some scarring. So after reading all the comments, perhaps, this is right. Will let you know how I have got on.
Hilary x