CT Scan query



today I got the results of my CT Scan that the consultant said is clear. They have seen masses on my spine but they are confident it’s not mets. It was such an high anxiety meeting that I forgot to ask if it meant my brain was okay.

Could someone shed some light on this?

i have MRI for breast tomorrow and another week of waiting. Histology shows oestrogen negative but borderline for the rest so needs further testing. Hopefully formulated plan by end of next week! My focus is now on treatment and educating myself about it all !

I think I will call the BCC after MRI appointment to ask questions.


Many thanks all




Hi Aurore


I admire your pragmatic attitude in what is beyond a stressful time. You sound a strong and determined patient. Mind you, we’re all strong in our own ways. I can’t answer your question - you’d be better ringing the nurse at the number above for help there (you can call as often as you wish so don’t save up the anxiety-provoking questions) - but I’m intrigued by your intention to educate yourself about the treatment. One thing I have learnt is that we are all different and we respond to our treatments differently. No matter how much you know, there’s still plenty to surprise you. You may get a rough idea from the wonderful people who post on the forums but it’s anecdotal and it’s not you. Just please don’t use Dr Google in your quest for education. Google causes untold pain and anxiety to many of us who fall into the trap - the information may be outdated, lack, evidence, certainly has no emotional relevance or consideration and is simply a bad idea (speaking as one who held out till after treatment had finished and still found frightening information).


I wish you all the best with your treatments, hope it’s a smoothish ride - and I’m sure in 6 months’ time you’ll be ringing that bell or clinking glasses, however you choose to mark the final treatment.