CT scan request

Recently had a bone scan… got the results today and have been told that they need a ‘deeper image’ they have asked me to go for a CT scan. Rather worried as to what that means?
Finished my treatment etc in 2014…now thinking the worse…xx

Hello marleypop,

I’m sorry you haven’t yet received a reply to your post - hopefully you will receive a response from one of our forum members soon. If you do need any extra support or would like to ask our nurses a question you might want to give our Helpline a ring on  0808 800 6000 (the opening hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm, Late opening Wednesday 9am-7pm, Saturday, 9am-1pm) or post in theAsk Our Nursessection of the forum. 

All the best,


Hi Marleypop, I’d replied to you under another thread where we’ve ‘chatted’ before. Hope you get the scan soon and fingers crossed it won’t be anything to be concerned about. Please let me know how you get on, Kate x