Afternoon ladies 

Went for CT scan results today. Not good news at all. Alot of spread to liver also 3 brain mets.  I requested a brain scan as my younger sister suddenly died from a brain annulisium in November last year. There is a treatment I can try if liver and kidneys are OK. 

Just  thought I would let you ladies know as I been on forum for 10 years. 

Take care everyone . 


Hi Linda,

We haven’t really “spoken” before although I’ve always read your posts since I joined just over four years ago, I just wanted to say I’m thinking about you, and really hope your liver and kidney tests are okay so you can go ahead with the treatment.

Sending hugs and very best wishes,

Kate xx

Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad scan result Lyndyloo.  It’s something we all dread, isn’t it.  I hope you find out about your liver and kidneys soon, as the waiting game is awful.  And how dreadful to have lost your sister recently too.  I hope you have good support around, and lots of hugs?  Sending you a cyber hug for now. x x 

Hi Linda,

I am truly sorry to hear that the news wasn’t good. You deserve a lot of support from all of us including me.  I am going to keep everything crossed and sincerely wish that your liver and kidneys are ok for the new treatment.

Also, you have been through a lot recently particularly with the death of your sister and I send you my love and best wishes.


Oh Linda, I’m so sorry to hear your results were so rubbish. You and I have been ticking along together on here for so long now so it’s a real shock to hear of the spread to the brain. I do hope that your kidney and liver function results mean you can get the treatment you need ASAP. Sorry also to hear about your sister last year, I had no idea.

Sending massive hugs.

Nicky xx

Hi Linda,

i am also sorry to hear your news and hope you get good kidney and liver results asap and have the treatment. I am new here but have enjoyed reading your posts, and hope you get some better news soon.

All the best

Kinden x

Linda, I have only just seen your post. So sorry your scan results weren’t great. I hope they start you on a treatment straight away to knock those cells dead. Your sister as well, you poor thing. I’m sending you big hugs and thinking of you.

Ramade xxxx

really sorry to hear that fingers crossed you get a little longer, and there are some treatments left.

I have not been on for a while as my lung mets have been stable for 2 years then in october found massive spread to my pelvis hip and spine plus nodules on my liver. Just finished docetaxel which has been hell but made no difference so now waiting to see if scan in 6 weeks shows any further advance if so trying TDM1… hate this disease.  you take care