CT Scan - thorax and abdomen with contrast

Hi, I;m not sure where to post this query but maybe someone can enlighten me a bit on what this scan entails? I had my breast cancer, mastectomy and radiotherapy over 4 years ago now and apart from anastrozole twinges am enjoying a happy healthy life.However, at under 7 stone I mentioned to my GP that I was now half a stone lighter than I used to be (and my missing boob would only have weighed a couple of ounces!)


All blood tests proved normal but she has nnevertheless referred me for a CT thorax and abdomen scan which will be on 26th January (next week). Having enjoyed four years of feeling it’s all behind me, which it most likely still is, I find myself nervous about this scan, especially the bit that says I will have to drink a litre of liquid before the scan. What liquid? Water I don’t mind, but yukky stuff fills me with dread. And scan with contrast - what’s a ‘contrast’??


Any shared experiences or info most welcome - thanks!  love Cherry X

Hi Cherry

I had a ct scan last year as a precaution. The liquid part is just water. You have to drink a glass of water every 10 mins, for an hour. So be prepared to sit there for a while! Not sure what the contrast bit means though, but I’m sure someone on here will know x

I had a CT scan abdomen and thorax 2 months ago. As Sue said the liquid is just water. The contrast is administered via a small intravenous cannula in the hand connected to the contrast dye which they can put in at intervals. It honestly was painless and the only symptom I felt was a flushing when the dye went in and a warm feeling like I had wet myself!!! They warned me about this and they assured me I wouldn’t but the feeling was quite realistic !!!
Love and Hugs

Yep, scary few weeks as the scan showed spots on spine. But they turned out to be age related(!)not spread, thank goodness.
Good luck for your future treatment. I am at present halfway through first cycle of FEC T, chemo. As with all these things the anticipation is the worst thing.

I had exactly the same experience as you Mooney-the sensation I had wet myself was quite realistic indeed! However, they had warned me about this in advance thankfully. Otherwise, I’d have been mortified! LOL