CT scan - what to expect?

Hi there

I’m due to have a CT scan tomorrow so that they can check the blood flow in my tummy before my mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction at the end of the month. I’ve never had a CT scan before so just wondered if anyone could give me an idea of what to expect. Will I have to wear a gown etc. Any information gratefully received. Laura x x 

Hi Laura


I worked myself up into a right state all for nothing. You do wear a gown so there’s no metal (keep your socks on so your feet don’t get cold). First you have a cannula in your hand. You lie down on a bed and it’s drawn into a tunnel but you can see your feet and daylight at all times so it’s not claustrophobic. They may do some test readings.


When the contrast dye is injected (the radiologist will talk you through each stage) you get a surge of warm sensation that lasts a few seconds. The main area is the bladder so make sure you’ve had a pee (check that’s ok with the radiologist) or you’ll feel the urge to pee there and then. No one does, I’m told. I also thought I could taste something metallic for a few seconds but I was expecting something so it didn’t panic me.


That part is the worst, like I said it’s a few seconds, and then it’s slowly through the tunnel.’ I don’t know if the tunnel or the bed moves. It was over much sooner than I expected. And it’s not essential to have downed all that water!


Hope it goes well tomorrow and the results are encouraging x