CT Scan

Hi all I am due to have a Ct scan next Monday I am really scared because the last one I had in August I vomited , all the others were fine no problems I am dreading going on Monday, jus wondered if anybody has had this problem.Thanks

Hi Lesley

I’m not surprised you’re anxious. I’d be in panic attack mode as that’s my main phobia, vomiting. Either ring the breast care team and ask for a prescription of one of the anti-emetics (I use cyclizine) or ask your GP to prescribe it. Then you’ll feel a bit more confident perhaps. It didn’t happen before so hopefully it was a one-off. I also have lorazepam prescribed to use on these occasions to deal with the anxiety and claustrophobia. there’s no harm in asking for something to calm your anxiety. We have enough to contend with!!

I did notice in the accompanying guidance I got a clear request not to eat within 3 hours of the test, which I don’t remember being asked before. it’s never been an issue because anxiety and eating don’t go well together but, this week, I was called in early and had it within 2 hours of breakfast. Add cyclizine (and lorazepam) and i didn’t even think about being sick (makes a change).

Hope it goes smoothly for you

Jan x


I’m also going for my 3 monthly check scan on Monday (doesn’t 3 months fly by ?).

  • I’ve not experienced vomiting during a scan, I hope it was a one off for you & you are ok on Monday. Best of Luck and hopefully we’ll both get good results :crossed_fingers: xx