Ct scan

Hi im new, after losing weight and suffering chronic back/stomach pain and also having urinary incontinence i was referred for a ct scan of abdomen, pelvis and chest, have just received a letter saying they found an abnormality in my breast and they have urgently referred me to a breast surgeon, im not sure if this means i have breast cancer can anyone advise me please ive been unable to sleep thanks



Hello and welcome to the forum


I am not able to offer you advise on whether this means you have bc or not as it will only be once the breast clinic have seen you that you will know.


It is the usual process that you are referred to the breast clinic as they are the experts and you should receive an appointment within 14 days of the referral being received, but dont worry if you get an appointment sooner than the two weeks it just means that they have a slot available.


You will probably have a mammogram and an ultrasound, it is also possible that they will take biopsies so that they can send them away for investigation so that might mean you waiting a week or so for the results if that is what they do. 


I know, as we all do on here, that it is easier said than done but try to distract yourself whilst you are waiting for your appointment.  Please please also do not consult Dr Google, there is a lot of out of date and misinformation on there, just keep to this site and perhap MacMillan as they have the most up to date stuff, but until you know what you are dealing with just take one day at a time, small milestones will helo you get through the next couple of weeks.


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx



Thanks ladybowler i really appreciate that you have replied, just been so ill the last couple of months so was a bit shocked at first by it, my lymp nodes are swelling then going back down but the one behind my ear has stayed up, i was giving it 6 weeks to see if it went back down, be glad when i know one way or the other thanks again