CT Scans quick question

This really is a quick question and I know it makes me sound stupid but Im going to ask anyway. If you have a whole torso CT scan will it also pick up if there are signs of cancer on the ovaries. My CT scans are all clear so far but I am a little worried about my ovaries after having a little clear discharge. If the scan were clear (have liver mets) then surely they couldn’t see anything around my ovaries. Told it made me sound stupid. Would appreciate an answer from one of you wonderful ladies. Thanks.x


Hi,Ellie, you certainly don’t sound stupid.I would think a CT scan would show anything up as to my understanding it’s for looking at soft tissue. But I’m not an expert by any means.
Good luck with your scan and my fingers are crossed for you.Huge hug,Helen xx

Hi elliedog, when I had ct scan when first dx bc , bc nurse told me it was clear and said its unusual to be so clear as they often show up cysts etc on ovaries that women don’t know they have so I hope this puts your mind at rest, perhaps it’s a bit of an infection could your gp take a swab?
Not a stupid question at all I’m a staff nurse but I ask questions like that all the time it’s better to ask and get peace of mind, hope you feel less anxious soon x