Ct scans

Hi ,

just need some reassurance,I have been taking palbociclib and letrozole since December 2020, when I was diagnosed with secondary bc ,it has been  a really positive experience as my inoperable tumour under collarbone area has completely disappeared on my last scan in November 2022.

, I also have no distant mets at this point ,which is a really positive result ,I moved house last feb 2022 so had to change hospitals , my hospital before the move did 6monthly scans ,the new hospital has been doing 3monthly scans since April 2022 .
I saw my consultant 3days ago having not had a scan since November 2022 ,and he told me it would now be done once a year ,with 3monthly consultations still with him .

He said as there was no progression on the scans and I was tolerating palbociclib and letrozole well .the team therefore thought less radiation etc would be better and to have them once a year.

Does anyone else have them only once a year I am so pleased with my results ,but also nervous of the length between scans and having to rely on how my body feels .

Sorry it’s a long post. and thank you for listening.x

Hi sorry you haven’t had a reply ,I’m not in your situation but a year does sound like a long time when you’ve been used to note regular reassurance that your treatments working . Do you have a breast cancer nurse to discuss this with ? If not maybe ask for a discussion with the Consultant regarding your unease .It’s your body and your worry not theirs so if you feel you rather risk the slight Indra se of radiation to get re-assurance push for more scans . Let us know how you get on x 

Sorry, just seen your message. I’m on the same drugs since December 2020. I still have 3 monthly scans and I’ve never had any growth, yet. I do have mets in a lot of bones though. I’m under the royal Berkshire hospital trust. I know some are moved to six monthly, but a year sounds like a long time to me. I would ask to speak to a nurse and if you’re still not happy I’d go back to oncologist to ask more. Good luck.x