Ct scans

Hi everyone. I would appreciate a little advice and your opinion. I have recently had a very good meeting with my onc, long story short there is no detectable cancer in the body,he wants to eventually stop the Pertuzumab and possibly the Tamoxifen, leaving me with Herceptin. Plus I have also got the go ahead for reconstruction. All this is going to take time and certainly isn’t happening without further discussion. However yesterday I went for my usual checkup with the nurse practioner, who I do trust and has always been spot on. She read the notes from the meeting with the onc and said did he say when he wanted to scan you next, we didn’t discuss scans.She then said it looks like he wants to do it once a year. I was a little unsure about this because I have always seen the scans as a bit of a safety net, although I do hate them.She explained to me that with me my bloods are good at showing what are going on and of cause I have regular checkups. I never had any signs that I had secondaries in the beginning but I learned yesterday that they picked things up in my bloods.So after some further discussion about the onc not wanting to put me through regular radiation from the scans if there is no need I think she managed to convince me.So my next scan will be March next year. Does this happen where people are reduced on their number of scans and how do people feels about this.Part of me feels a little relieved that they think I am doing well but I also feel a little scared that things can be going on in my body undetected.What do you think ladies.x

Morning elliedog. Difficult one…I am due to have my first scan on 27th after my 3rd cycle of cape. While it’s comforting to know you have the safety net of a scan picking up things early, I think I would be guided by the Onc when he says your bloods would also detect anything going on at an early stage so scanning can be reduced.
Trouble is we get to depend on these tests and feel the safety net has gone when decisions like this are made.
Its great news you can have the recon and I know a lot of ladies that do really well on just herceptin alone.
I would take this as a positive step forward and and I hope that my scan is just as positive at the end of the month. …although its early days yet for me so not expecting miracles yet!
Good luck with everything!
Love bev xxx

Yes pam I was offered a copy of my first ct scan report after dx but I was so distressed at the time I didnt want to see anything!
You think we’re being treated at the same place? Are we allowed to say on here or can I send you a private message? I would like your advice on getting a second opinion on something .
Bev xxx