cure for cancer fatigue - try this and tell me how you feel after a few weeks

I want to spread the word on how to combat the dreaded cancer fatigue. I felt like **bleep**  and couldn’t even walk up a hill without resting every 12 paces like an 80 year old which was depressing. I knew the GP would fob me off with the usual rest/good diet advice (I was already doing all this with no obvious difference) so I reseached cancer fatigue online- good old Google.

After reading several research papers, the cause seems to lie in the energy producing part of our cells, the mitochondria, which were not generating enough ATP, a chemical which supplies energy to the muscles. Radiotheraphy and chemo both damage the mitochondria and taking tamoxifen reduces the ability of the liver to generate ATP by half. (Ageing also means you can’t produce enough ATP and feel lacking in energy - that’s why I felt 80!). 

Dr Thomas Ames of the University of Berkely in California found a remedy for this when he was looking at ageing in rats. He gave them dietary supplements acetyl-L carnitive with alpha-lipoic acid which revitalised them and gave them energy. Here is the link to the study

Feeling like a knackered old rat,  I tried it ( you can get it on Amazon) and the results are incredible. After 3 weeks I could had so much energy I could run up that hill. It’s such a simple solution so I feel obliged to spread the word (I have no interest in this, I don’t sell this supplement!)

Try it and tell me how you feel after a few weeks. I’ve been on it for 6 weeks now and I have more energy than before I got cancer!!!  

Hi Takeadeepbreath

Was very interested to hear of your progress and extra energy. Could definitely do with some of that. Had a look at the article link.

Is it expensive??

Delly xxx

Oh wow thank you so much for this. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to hear someone with cancer fatigue and find a solution as well…I have had this for months. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last Thursday. I couldn’t work out the exhaustion. Been researching tonight and came across your post. I have had aches pains in muscles and joints. Spasm pain that moves from place to place in my body. Ear ache headache no life in me exhaustion not being able to even run a bath…I’m ocd and couldn’t even muster the energy to do hse work. …which really isn’t me. Not hardly going out as too tired. Foggy head…im going to check the link out and go get the stuff tomorrow…I Been going doctors for weeks and they kept saying it was depression (which is true) but this felt completely different…thought I was going mad…Thanks again for this. I’ll let you know how it goes…All the best xxx

Takeadeepbreath what is it marketed as please? Is it one or two products? Any contraindications? Sorry for all the questions but I’m really interested but with high blood pressure often find I can’t take things.

It’s two products Holland and barret do these supplements…works out about £30 for the two xx

I’ll let you know how it’s goes xx

Thanks x

Takeadeepbreath - Hey flower, just posted you a msg in the other thread. Are you still benefitting from the Acetyl-L-Carnitine + AlphaLipoic Acid tabs. I’d be reeeally grateful if you’d respond with your feedback flower.

Taaa muchly

Delly xxxxxxx 

love this and going to go on a mission to get both supplements and give it a try as I get very fatigued at times. Thanks so much for sharing. Hoping you are still doing well Take care xx