curly hair

hi, its probably been asked a million times but how long do think it took for your hair to appear normal to yourselves ? mine is so curly i cant do a thing with it an i dread to think what it’ll look like when it gets longer
helen xx

Hi Helen,
I kept my hair really short for about a year as I could not bear those curls. To be honest they were not as curly after 6 months. I am sure every type of hair is different. As I always had short hair, having it even shorter did not bother me. I actually quite liked it.

Hi Helen,
As Vercors says, it varies from person to person. I was told that hair usually reverts to its ‘normal’ within about a year. However, two years on mine still tries to revert to curls if it gets damp. I am probably very odd but I loved my chemo curls and was actually quite sad to lose them. As it has grown longer, and since hte curls were chopped off, much gentler waves remain, and my hairdresser has found ways to work with them that looks fine. Overall my hiar is mostly back to straight-ish!
I left mine a full year before having it cut, but lots of people have it trimmed often which does avoid the very curly phase! Hope you feel happier with your soon.

I am lucky, I am 49 and hardly any greys. Not sure whether I will ever colour it. It is the maintenance of it all that I can’t really be bothered with. Never say never.

thanks ladies, its early days yet its only just over an inch long so at the moment im grateful for any hair at all lol,
how long was it before you felt it would be ok to colour your hair ?
helen xx

lol i’m 35 and as its getting longer im noticing or rather my other half keeps pointing out all the grey hairs, its actually not a bad colour its mousey but looks like its had high lights for some random reasons

Hi Helen,
when my hair first came back it had a lot of grey in it. Much more than before chemo. And also it looked quite translucent, and often almost took the colour of my surroundings (yes, very odd). But now about 18 months later it is much less grey :-). still very curly though, especially on a misty or damp day.
As revcat already said, how it comes back varies from person to person. But just to add that if yours is more grey now than before, it mean well be less grey again in some months time. You’ll have to wait and see.

When I dried mines with a towel it looked like a 1970s Afro perm! My hairdresser recommended some Paul Mitchell blow dry gel which smoothed it out when I blow dried it. The salon also used hair straighteners - I bought a set, but onlu used them once as I was scared of how hot they were. I think it was a year before the curl left it. I knew it would be grey as I had been dyeing it since my early 20s.

As I was born with a perm I can sympathise with all you women finding suddenly your silky straight locks have metamorphasised into brillo pads. It’s not so bad though - today they do have products to tame the frizz.
I learned to love my curls/frizz - even welcoming in the grey as being my ‘mallen streak’ (though covering more than just a streak).
It is hard as we are bombarded by people with perfect locks and with every colour under the sun being available to dye hair choice is vast.
Wishing all those with hair growing back what they wish themslves.
V x