Cuttysark what have you done!! wigs


I have took your advice and looked more on Vogue Wigs only trouble is AFTER going to a short list am left with 14 to chose from!!! I know they’re reasonably priced but can’t quite justify that many, perhaps 12!!!? They just look so good.

Thanks again for the info though, my friends are going to join me in a wig night out. Something to look forward to.

You take care and hope you are ok?



Hi julie i am so glad for you they are brill what a laugh that would be just a pity you are not near me i would,ve joined you too ! Do you have access to bebo ? you will see photos of me on there ha ha .
Lots of love and hugs
Julie h .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Julie

What’s bebo?? Is this something else your going to get me into?!

Lots of love


Oh my kids have got me into that you make up your own website it is real funny .You can meet heaps of people on it .
Take care
Julie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx