Cyst no fuilds

Hi any 1 had a scan witch revealed a cyst so needed a biopsy but with no fuild init and needed take cells samples instead .any1 still had good news my boob is aching from it .x

Hi Lizp,


This happened to me last January (cancer in the right breast) however this was the left side, the breast was quite painful like a dragging pain, just a small lump without any fluid however like you biospy and scan and all was well but painful for quite a time afterwards. 


Hope this his helps and a very happy Christmas 


big hugs Tili

All glad to hear it results was clear from the biopsy I’m just a para person in general x

Just been docs as I’m in to much pain and he suspects an infection tion so on antibiotics and other tablets and he’s found another lump on my other boob x