cysts and itchy nipple?


I haven’t even got as far as having my tests yet, only got my referral yesterday, but I was wondering if anyone had a cyst that caused their nipple to itch? Or feel like it’s leaking?


Cat xx

Hi, I could feel a small lump and had the most unbelievably itchy nipple and surround along with shooting pains. I went for mammogram and had a scan and 9 x core biopsies (didn’t hurt), and have today been back for the results - a benighn condition called fibra something or other! - I had been convinced that I had full blown breast cancer! Good luck with your tests too!

I Too have awful itchy feeling nipple and terrible hot shooting pains. awaiting referral.

Hi guys i am new to this site but i too have same sensations, itchy nipple in right breast, very sore breasts and i do get shooting pains.
I have been to breast clinic twice now, 1st time was told it was a cyst not to worry it will go on its own then went to see Dr’s as i still suffer with brest pain and itching, she referred me back to clinic and they found a cluster of cysts and one deep inside which was tested and came back benign, but still i havn’t resolved my pain or itch issue.
If anyone has any advise please let me know thanks :slight_smile: