Anyone else suffer from them?

I’ve had cysts for a couple of years and it was because of them that my DCIS was found early.

One breast had ‘about 100’ in and I never asked how many were in the other, but apparently it’s packed.

After the initial shock of finding a lump for the first time, I soon settled into a routine of ‘lump, aspiration, lump, aspiration’.

Within two years I was in double figures. However, my consultant always warned me against complacency. Every lump had to be assumed to be cancer until he said otherwise. This was good advice.

It was only after a short period of sudden fills that he sent me for another mammogram. Ironically, the problematic breast was not the one with the cyst.

Hi Baggybooks

I too had lots and lots of cysts for some years before my dx. They could always see loads of tiny ones on the scans as well as the one that I could feel (that would have caused me to go to the docs. They would aspirate the big one(s) and tell me to come back if/when I could feel any of the others. “No panic” though was what I was told which did mean I didn’t rush off when I found the lump that later proved to be cancer.

Was also only told later that having cysts does increase your chances of developing cancer albeit only slightly.


Me too - I’d been going back and forwards to the breast clinic for over 10 years. They found my bc when I went in with a massive (5cm diameter) cyst. The problem was in the other breast.
Haven’t been told that having cysts increases your chances. I wonder if the truth is that the fact that they are monitoring us increases their chances of detecting cancer. There are so many factors beyond our control which apparently increase our chances, this just adds to the pile!
With the various other ultrasounds I’ve had, I seem to have cysts elsewhere as well!

Well, I’m pretty glad I have them.

I was told the first time that having them doesn’t necessarily increase the chance of developing BC.

It gave me access to treatment a lot earlier. I’m not old enough to be called for a mammogram and my BC presented without a lump.