D Day Monday

I am getting my results on Monday, trying to pre emp what will happen and feeling very emotional. have a 5cm liner calcification in left breast, went to GP 6 weeks ago with a lump in rightbreast, thats was scanned and is cysts (scattered and many !!) but the first mammo showed a calcification, a lump and an obstruction in the left, the DR asked for magnified mammo + biospy of the lump which was fine but the mammo of the calcification was still suspicious, I then had a stereotentric biopsy in the calcification. the pathologist say she wasnt too concerned but I am now so worried. I am dreading Monday. Part of me is dreading them saying its fine and I wont need any sort of follow up just in case it develops onto something later and it is missed !! (I know thats a lame thought but I can’t help it), then I worry that it is cancer and the treatment frightenes me, I am normally a strong confident person, this really has taken my sparkle!
I have been on this worry wagon for 8 weeks plus the 3 before i went to the GP, I am still going to work, but the stress is physically showing, I have spots, cold sores, mouth ulsers aqnd am totally drained

I cant think of anything else, havent slept very well and generally hate this stage, I am normally a control freak and this is out of my control so am very much out of my comfort zone. Liner calcifications seem worse when you read up.
Does anyone have advice ? think I may turn to drink but am worried I will break down if i have a drink !!!

Hi Kezza,

Can I suggest you give our helpline team a ring on Monday morning, they’re here to support you through this, calls are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open at 9am Monday. I’m sure your fellow forum users will also be along soon to give you some added support.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Thanks Jo but dont feel I can say the words out loud, feeling very emotional. reading the experiences of others helps greatly. xx

Waiting is just so awful - we all totally understand what you’re experiencing. I’m a control freak too and the weeks waiting for appointments, tests, results etc just take it out of us. It’s very hard to cope when you don’t know what you’re coping with - but it’s nearly Monday, so you should have some more information then. Until then, hugs - Cress xxx

Hi Cress
Thank you so much, am having a very emotional day, I sent my husband to buy rescue remedy which is calming me, I am not the ort of person to be such a wreck or be rightened of things, but this has knocked me, roll on tomorrow. x

Here goes :frowning:

Good luck Kezza, I’ll be in the same boat in hour or so, ready do know how you feel… It could turn a person to the bottle. Fingers crossed toe an all xxx

Thinking of you Kezza ((((((hugs))))))) I hope you are getting some answers and a plan of action so that you can focus on that. It is an incredibly stressful time and not helped when there are long delays. I think you are a very strong lady and once things are in place you will find your way of coping. Just hang in there and if it helps to let it all out here then keep doing just that. I suspect once you are finished with todays appointment you will have loads more questions and if you can verbaliise those - the helpline will be a good place to talk about them.

Popped by to see if there was any news. Keeping everything crossed for you
Sue xx

Thanks for all your kind thoughts I am one of the lucky ones Benign !!! I feel two foot taller and two stone lighter, can’t describle my delight.

Thank you so much for sharing your courage on here, its gives a lot of comfort to a lot of people, I will drop by now and again to see how you are all doing, keep well
lots of love x

Fabulous news , take care xx

I have had the longest wait of my life…5 days in total which felt like an eternity…hospital rang today to say the core biopsy was benign but cells were atypical or pre-cancerous. Booked in for a procedure to have them removed on Wednesday 19 June. I am a 38 year old mum of two adorable girls whose hubby works overseas.