D-day tomorrow/biopsy results

Afternoon all!

I’m so nervous about my biopsy results tomorrow. I know it’s breast cancer as they already told me that at the biopsy appointment last week. 45mm lump and at least one lymph node involved-markers in both. I just want to know now what type? Am I looking at stage 4 triple negative inflammatory? Has it spread? Can we still have our family holiday in July? (My mind is panicking about random things!) 

I just want to get treatment started now. 
I also never realised that anxiety produces physical symptoms! I’ve felt crap since last Monday! 
send me a hug ?

Hi Lops 

What journeys we women end up taking,hoping you have the best result you can get if you know what I mean.

And yes I know what you mean about feeling awful with the stress I don’t know how we end up coping .

Sending love to you