D l a

Can u believe it I’ve just had a letter off dla saying even though I’ve sent me forms in under special rules they are going to take 11 weeks to look at my claim surely this is wrong laura

it took them along time to sort my son dla out hun but they back paid every penny from the date i rang for the forms not from the date the recived them so it turned out good not so good if it the only money you have comming it

Hi Laura,

I think I am right in saying that it does take 11 weeks but they did backdate mine - I can’t remember if it was the date I requested forms, or the date they received them. I remember waiting for mine to come through and they were spot on!


If you have sent the forms in with the DS1500 form, it should go through very quickly. My first payment came through within the week. I would query the 11 weeks.

hi everyone, i didnt claim under the special rules,

i didnt get it anyway, iam going to appeal,

the reasons they have given me for me not getting it seem to contradict the information i put on the form!

anyone else appealed and got a decision in their favour?


I think mine took about 12 weeks. At the time I was still receiving sick pay, so it wasn’t too bad, but I think the lack of income for 12 weeks might have been a problem without sick pay.

Just called all sorted just a standard letter I’ve been award top amount rather not have nothing but least can spoil my son laura

hi Liz
I did not apply under special rules and was only granted the lowest level care element.I then appealed and was granter higher level mobility and higher level care.I pointed out to them how difficult life was on a daily basis,that I did not have the ability or the confidence to go out alone, and at he time as I was in ther middle of chemo that I was suffering from debilitating fatigue.They say that the condition you are claiming for must last 6 months, so I pointed out as this was a terminal diagnosis that was a given.I told them to write to my oncolgist.I know it would have been easier to claim under the six month rule but I did not realise you could do this,plus I was truly uncomfortable doing that.
I was told to state how you feel on your worse day, so I did just that!
Good luck with your appeal.Things are hard enough without all this stress.

Lucinda xx