D*#*N PICC line

I will be soooooo glad when this PICC line disappears on Friday… it is itching and hurting and really really annoying… and I am slightly allergic to the plasters they use… grrr…

So much negativity from the Boo… shape up girly and remember you are ALIVE!

ohh Babyboo,

I am thinking of asking for a picc line for my next set of treatment because of my nonexistent veins and terror of needles since my first treatments.

I hope its not tooooo unpleasant.
Good luck for Friday and as we are told by our mums, stop scratching it’ll make you sore.

Take care


Hi Carol,
I have had a picc line for 12 weeks now, it is a bit annoying but much nicer than being stabbed every week twice! The most annoying thing is having a shower with one arm sticking out, not easy. Thought mine was going to come out in two weeks but keeping it a bit longer according to onc.
Good luck Allie

I need the picc line and keep putting it off because of all the stuff I read. My friends that have had cancer treatment had the port in the chest and really spoke highly of it… u can’t see it because it is under skin…slight bump and have no trouble. I asked about it at my clinic and they said no just picc. I hate having the canullas tho…and all the blood work. I have to take herceptin for a year after all the chemo and surgery so I really need to do something. any advice…???
hope all of you have a nice day…

I would have the PICC line again if I had to go throug all this again… but with small people around it really is a pain… just a constant reminder of everything I have been through for the past year…

I know I need to go ahead…did it hurt to get it put in? thanks for the advice.

Oh God you lot have frighten me. I’m having my PICC line put in next Monday at 1015!! Precisely! Is it that bad. Or do the advantages outway the pin cushion feeling…

The picc line going in is no worse than having a cannula put in only it stays there. My picc line was done on the day unit I go to, whereas having a Hickman or portacath you have to go to theatre for the procedure. You have to have a chest Xray to make sure its in the right place. It doesn’t hurt once its in but just annoying at times. I am on 5FU via a continuous pump which is in a small bag around my waist. Once a week a go to get the pump changed, I have my bloods taken from it and have my Epirubricin. I think the advantages definately outweigh the disadvantages. It would be easier for others as yours would probably be capped off and out the way.
So far with my Picc line, I have been to the Isle of Man and tomorrow I am off to Amsterdam.
good luck folks

Hi all

Here is a link for a cancerbackup page which provides information and an illustration about having a PICC line which may help some of you who are due to undergo this procedure:


Best wishes

Breast Cancer Care

Thanks ladies for the broader picture of the PICC line.
I think I will still ask for it because I now hyperventilate when needles come near me.

Its the one thing I truly hate about the treatment. I have been offered cognitive therapy to get over my fear but I never like going down lines where other people play with your head.


Doesn’t hurt when going in because they give you a local… and when I ended up in hospital I was VERY glad to have it… meant I wasn’t stuck with a needle in the arm at all…